A message from Gabriel:
Your network of light givers can become so useful as a support for other
people who do what you do and who share a gift like yours. Through this
network the lights will become brighter, the unification will amplify
the frequencies of the individuals. This will be a blessed union of
souls that will be guided and protected from the heavens and reaches of
the universe, go forth and unite in the name of The One.
A message from Ariel:
For your website I would like you to post more channelling, a page for
me, for messages from me. To take 10 minutes each day too bring my words
to the world, this is the request the angels have made of you and as
your acceptance is understood, we will provide and show the way.

Day 1 – July 20, 2010
The first message is about me, Ariel. I am an angel and being of light
from the angels. I am the angel Ariel and I am a master of the physical
world. My realm is the physical world and I aid and guide those who
bridge the gap between the two worlds. Gabriel has brought you the
message that to unite the harbingers of light will result in the
magnification of the light. I am here to say that I am the for
the union of light, it is my message and my word, the word of , the
word of Ariel that will shine light from this group to be multiplied,
amplified and brighten the earth for those to follow. For those who
chose to follow the enlightened path will see the light and be drawn to
it. I am Ariel and I am the guide for this mission, this journey and my
message will be heard. Peace, love and light to all those who follow,
who listen and who act. This is day 1.

Day 2 – July 21, 2010
This is Day 2. This is Ariel. The message today is about love, about
life and about . is divine, it is between you and
God. Forgiveness happens when you realise that you cannot change what
has happened, you cannot change the person who has done you wrong, you
can only change how you will live your life. To live your life in
forgiveness is to hand the injustice over to God, to release it and to
let God take it from you. Life is also divine. Life is a gift from god
as well as a covenant with God. You are here for God and as God, for you
and God and I as well are truly one. As God has created us, we have
created this life. The divineness of life can only be appreciated when
we see God in all that is. The divinity of love is the easiest of all to
see, for who doesn’t see God in the love between a new mother and her
baby, on a wedding day or in the sorrow at a funeral. Love is divine
because it is the same love that God has for us, that flows through us
and reaches out to others. The divine love that comes from others also
comes directly from God through them and into us. When Gods love meets
between two people who can ignore, who can deny the divine. In this
life, this lonely human life we must remember that this connection
between us is really a divine connection through God. From birth and
even before birth that Godly divine connection exists, it reminds us
that no matter who we are or where we are we are still apart of God and
are reminded of his love!

Day 3 – July 22, 2010
Here is day 3. Three is symbolic, three is synergistic and three is
divine there is power in threes. Always note things that occur in threes
. Signs come in threes and messages come in threes and this is no
accident. The holy trinity; the father, the son the holy spirit. The
mind, body and soul. The ego, the subconscious and the superconcious.
Time and time again things are shown to you in threes. The message for
today is to watch for threes today’s date has three twos lined up and
that is significant. It may have a different meaning for different
people, but be sure that it does have meaning. People always say that
things happen in threes, this is more true than you know. We in the
angelic realm watch for these moments to send these messages, but so few
are watching so few are listening and even fewer of you understand it.
The time has come across this planet to understand the meaning,
understand the signs and find meaning in the message. Once the message
has been sent it is up to you to receive it. So the next time you see
something in threes, pay attention, we are speaking to you, ask. Ask for
clarification, ask for guidance and ask for the wisdom to understand.
We will always answer when called, we will always come when summoned and
we will always send you signs. We love you and support you on your
life’s mission, but don’t forget to listen, even when we whisper.

Day 4 – July 23, 2010
Day 4 has arrived. Ariel has returned to renew our connection and our
agreement to pass on these messages to whom ever wishes to receive them.
Today’s message has to do with renewal. Renewal of life, renewal of
faith and the renewal of the spirit.
The renewal of life happens every time we choose life. How do we choose
life? Every time we make small choices to live, we buckle our seatbelts,
we nourish and use our bodies. Not eating the greasy fattening ,
not picking up a cigarette, not using drugs unnecessarily, all of these
small things signify the intent to live. This honours our bodies. There
is nothing wrong with choosing these things, there is no punishment,
there is no judgement, but when we choose to honour our bodies we send
out that intention which is interpreted by the universe as a renewal of
life, an intent to keep living the journey we have begun. It is saying
“I choose to live”.
The renewal of faith happens when we honour God, How do we honour God?
We honour God by allowing God to show us the way, by allowing God to
handle the big issues that are beyond us. We also renew our faith
through prayer, whenever we open a dialogue with God we are sending that
same signal of intent out to the universe that says “I have Faith”.
The renewal of the spirit happens whenever we honour who we really are,
What does this mean? Whenever we don’t hide our true selves, whenever we
don’t deny our very being, our very soul. This is how we honour our
spirit. For some this is done through meditation, through being in
nature or just being with ourselves and enjoying the company. This is
how to renew your spirit, this message to the universe is that “I
cherish the true me”. The intent of these actions is the intent to grow
and ascend spiritually, through this life and the ones beyond.
There may sound like a lot of don’ts in this message but really it is
what you do that counts, honour your physical self, your divine self and
your spiritual being and you will be guided down a path of renewal that
will change your life.

Day 5 – July 27, 2010
Day 5, although you’ve taken a break. A break was needed but we are
ready to continue. We will talk about needs and desires. This sounds
like an old topic, but so many people have trouble with it. What does
your soul need what does your soul desire versus what does your physical
self need and what does you physical self desire. Although our
spiritual self desires to be loved, it needs only to give love. Our
physical self has more needs: food, air, water and shelter are the only
true needs, the rest are desires. Many desires have become needs for
societal reasons rather than true reasons. Isn’t that the ultimate task
of the marketer, of the advertiser, of the ? To convince the
people of the world that physical desires are actually needs…That
spiritual desires can be met by our physical selves. This is one of the
first true steps to ascention, the ability to differentiate between
wants and needs, to learn that spiritual desires cannot be fulfilled by
physical means. Many people on earth struggle with this daily, the
things you can buy, that you can eat, that you can drink, cannot meet
your spiritual desires, NO MATTER WHAT! What is a spiritual desire? A
desire to be loved, to feel whole, to recognise the God within you, to
be at peace with who you really are. These are not needs but very strong
desires. So how do you fulfill these spiritual desires? It becomes
quite clear as you raise those first few level of ascention. Through
faith, through love through acceptance of your oneness with God. Then
you will find these spiritual desires begin to lessen, to be filled up
and to bring a peace and joy to your life. Once this happens the
physical desires really fade into the background they become much less
important, much less a part of your goals and ambitions. They become
what they should be, the gravy, the luxuries, the comforts of your
physical being. This is the first level. Can you dare to take this this
step? Have you been there then shied away? Have you caught a glimpse of
it? or Do you live your live in the joy that comes from the freedom of
desire? Join me, I will reach for your hand and help you up, just call
my name: Ariel."

Day 6 – July 28, 2010
Day 6. 6 is a multiple of three, not as powerful, but a variation of the
same vibration. My number is 6, six represents me and my . When
you see a 6 think of me, when you see a 6, I am thinking of you. When
you see 3 sixes, I am yelling for your attention, I am calling your
name. The message today is about how we angels, beings of the angelic
realm come into physicality and appear in your world. There are times
that things go wrong there are times that negativity wins. This is when
we appear, this is when we put the rule book aside jump in and take over
the fight for you. We accomplish this by sheer force. This is hand to
hand combat and being in the presence of this would change your life
forever. There has to be a battle that negativity just can’t win, that
hate can’t takeover. An event so catastrophic that it would also change
you forever, only negatively. We can let that happen we the guardians of
your souls in this life, we the beings and angels that reside with one
foot in each world. When there is no other way, we fight back with
force, we fight back with physicality, we fight back, AND WE NEVER LOSE.

Day 7 – August 2, 2010
Today is day 7 , the message today is about clearing your mind, clearing
your emotions and just being. Just being at peace, just being at one
with yourself and at one with the universe, that is what is meant by
just being. When you find this place of just being, it is truly
communing with God, being at one with God, that divine spark in each of
you. Now that you know what is there, How do you get there? It is a
different process for everyone. For some people, the biggest challenge
is clearing their mind, for some it is clearing their emotions. It is
impossible to find this space while you are worried, or angry or in any
kind of emotional state. It is impossible to find this space when you
cannot close your mind to the practical thoughts of the day, the grocery
list, the chores that remain undone, where and when you need to be
where ever it is you need to go. There are several paths to find this
place within you, meditation is a popular one, so is prayer. When you
meditate or pray quite often this state is described as a state of
bliss, what better word could there be for revelling in your divinity. A
monotonous task can also get you there, something repetitive that takes
little to no thought once you’ve begun, switching to autopilot. Some
people achieve this while driving or playing computer video games.
Another way is when you are on that brink of being asleep. Once you are
aware of this, you can learn and train yourself on how to remain here
for a longer period of time. One good way is through strenuous exercise,
like running, your mind and emotions shut down as your body finds a
stride that just keeps going, this is often described as a runners high.
People such as yourself with an ability either naturally or learned can
turn this state on and off like a switch. This control over accessing
the divine is what allows the communication to happen, such as is
happening right now as you receive this message. Psychics, mediums,
channels, clairvoyants, intuitives, all access this divine part of
themselves at will and sometimes partially remain there throughout the
day and night, asleep or awake, going about their lives. Once you find
this space for yourself, within yourself, enjoy it, explore it and most
of all be grateful for it, for acceptance and gratitude are never in
vain and are never without notice, by us the angels who reside in the
divine. From the angelic realm we can see when you have achieved this
state and we welcome you from your world into ours, it is like taking a
respite from your earth energies to recharge your soul with ours. God
Bless you all.

Day 8 – August 3, 2010
Day 8. We the angels are here with mankind and always have been,
regardless of faith, regardless of religion and hand in hand with your
world. This is our purpose, this is our path and as we light the way to
your path and your purpose, we fulfill our own. Life does not have to be
hard, life does not have to be sorrowful. Imagine your life free of
stress, free of struggle, free of strife. This is what we offer you,
this is what we have for you. It is our gift to you, please accept it.
Some people know this instinctually, some people interpret it correctly
through the twisting confines of religion. For some people this is
learned easily, once the information is found, the soul recognizes it as
the truth. For some this is a hard lesson, you can repeatedly knock
them over the head with it, yet still they refuse to accept our gift,
still they choose to struggle and agonize over the perceived hardships
of life. These are not the people we are trying to reach out to here and
now. These are the people who have chosen their rocky path, strapped on
their hiking boots and are going çross-country. The people we are
trying to reach right here, right now are the ones who are searching for
the light, they are pretty sure it exists, but need to be pointed
towards it. The people who have found it and don’t know what to do with
it. The people who see the light but do not feel worthy of it. These are
the people who will seek out this message these are the people who will
find our messengers and these are the people who we will lead to the
lighted path. And that we will teach to accept our gift and use it to
brighten their way. And these are the ones who will greet the new age
that is dawning with open eyes, open hearts, open minds and reap the
work of the light bearers.