I enter your fields once again. I come to guide
you through the great changes of your evolutionary process. You have
entered a new creation of being. There is no going back, that is not
possible. Indeed it is time now for much of your past experiences to be
released from your and held only as a distant
remembrance on the mental body. In this way any emotion is overcome and

This is essential on your path of awakening and
empowerment, for old emotions of resentment, pain and anger will merely
hold you where you are now in your progression process.

You will not progress forward, but stagnate. This will lead to depression and great loss of vital energy and Light.

would be a very wise exercise to sit quietly and take an overview of
your . Ask to be shown that which your sub-conscious mind
holds deeply. I can tell you that you will not like what you are shown –
either by your higher self or another person through comments and
events. No, you will not. Why do you think it has been hidden so deeply
for so long? I remind you that you are no longer the same person who so
skillfully buried that emotional event. You have grown, attitudes have
changed. So do not fear. Please do understand that the poison must be
released before complete healing can take place. Think of how much
lighter you will feel. Think of the you can now carry
without a hidden weight holding you back. You see in this way you
develop purpose and understanding of the necessity to deeply cleanse.

are creating a further change in attitude, in vibration, in Light. You
are empowering yourself even more through this process. You may call on
us here, the , the Arch-Angels and the many spirit
guides who come to assist you and uphold you in their unconditional

The Emotions of Others

As you gain a higher
vibration in your being, you also become more aware of the emotions of
others. It becomes very easy to connect to their radiant . I
caution you to be aware of soaking up another’s negative emotions into
your own energetic field. You see, those who are struggling with the
energetic changes are becoming easily distressed and confused. This
often leads to anger. Many are trying to cope with financial strains,
the result of previous personal choices made. Governments are also
experiencing this on a larger scale, which in turn accelerates negative
personal finances and anguish. So there is much negative emotion in the

Fortunately the many Light workers on the Earth assist
greatly in transmuting this energy, particularly when meditating. This
is essential to mankind’s transition.

There is much happening
through these times. I have been asked how can you transcend that which
belongs to another. How can we get through these times of change on
Earth? I give you now the keys in three steps.

Step one –

lightly. Release your own emotional clutter and baggage of past. As I
have said, it is essential to keep clearing your own emotional body.
Like the layers of an onion, there are many issues. Some which are shown
to you, you may think unimportant, or that you have already dealt with
that issue. Yet your higher self has shown it to you again. Therefore
there is still anger or pain being retained which must be released. I
tell you, when you can look at an old hurt or a person associated with
it, when you can view the incident and feel nothing, no emotion, it was
merely something you experienced – a distant memory – then you have
completely released and you are free of it. I urge you not to act
impatiently through this clearing process. It cannot be rushed. Allow
your higher self to guide you, to show you, usually in a meditative
state. Sometimes it is an issue from a previous life time that has still
not been healed. These are usually held very deeply within you. Yet
your soul has chosen to carry them to this lifetime to be cleared,
healed. So rejoice when you begin positive steps to understand and
release these old issues. You are undertaking what you agreed to do
before you incarnated in this life time. It is important that you
regularly clear the emotional body. Do not allow fear, resentments or
judgments to take root on your emotional body.

Step two –

Own or throw it out. This is a very simple, yet essential step in this
process. Ask yourself this question, “ Is this emotion mine or someone
else’s?” Simple is it not? Yet so important. I give you some examples my
friend. At work, is it your anger, frustration, or another’s? Is it
your opinion, or someone else’s? Your choice, or another’s? Has another
hurt you through their actions or words? Therefore it is another’s
attitude or behavior is it not? Recognition. Yours or someone else’s.
Now you must choose your action. Do you store it – usually on the
emotional body, or release it? Please release.

Step three –

transmute and transmute again. This is the key to surviving these
transitional times. As I have said own it, or transmute it. Understand
all is experience. Understand you are now ending the experience of
duality. Old karma is now ending. Any new karma you create will be dealt
with instantly. Yes, instant karma, a final learning of treating others
as you yourself would like to be treated.

Soul Living

friend, these simple steps have the power to assist you greatly in all
areas of your life. As your vibration is raised you are readily able to
pick up the emotions and energies of others around you. Much of what you
transmute will come from others, at work, at home, in business. You see
some of you are more evolved souls than others. Therefore some are able
to recognize and clear themselves more easily. Yet these evolved souls
are very much needed now on Earth. The work they do in transmuting and
clearing is vital to all on Earth through the Great Shift you are

If you can follow these guidelines I give you now,
you will experience a faster and smoother conscious awakening of Soul.
You will experience the first steps of the New Earth. A higher vibration
through soul awareness – soul living.

Master Kuthumi

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