Channeler: DL Zeta

Many reality threads exist within the of each
person’s life. At any given time, some threads exist as a close
vibrational match to your existing reality thread, while others exist as
more remote vibrational matches. The more remote matches have a lower
probability of becoming your focus probability, but they are still
possible futures already in existence. Threads of reality that are close
vibrational matches to your present reality are considered future
. This means there’s a strong likelihood you will shift to
the of this alternate reality.

Whatever your imagination brings you is a possible reality already
residing within your field of possibilities. If it weren’t already a
timeline in existence, you wouldn’t be thinking about it.

Change Opens the Door for Timeline Shifts

There are various ways people shift from one timeline to another. The
person who adopts a healthy diet and exercise routine has shifted to a
different timeline with a different set of future probabilities. The
person who adopts a is choosing a vibrational timeline of
different resonance that can, in time, allow them to shift to very
different timeline probabilities.

There are many small ways you shift to different threads of reality
without noticing it. This is the case when you rearrange the furniture
in your home or begin to travel a different route into town. Even the
smallest variation in your has the ability to create
energetic changes that can lead you to choose other timeline
probabilities. When you create even a small change in your life, this
creates new pathways in your consciousness that can effectively create a
new “you.” Timeline changes grow from the different choices and
behaviors of this new version of yourself.

The Menu of Timeline Shift Options

Many people change timelines only out of necessity, when there is a
crisis or other unexpected event. In these cases, the timeline shift is
not always one of their choosing. Still others remain in the same basic
timeline for most of their lives, with little variation in reality
threads. By contrast, there are lifetimes where a person undergoes so
many reality shifts it seems they have lived many different lives within
the same one. Many lightworkers experience this as they actively seek
new spiritual understandings and access the timelines of past
incarnations through communion with their higher self. In every case,
the various lessons and shifts of a life are set forth prior to birth in
with the higher self and other guiding entities.

Consciously Choosing Reality Threads

As you gain awareness of the many threads of reality that exist
within your field of possibilities, you can consciously choose the
thread you wish to energize.

From a place of awareness, you can consciously choose a reality
thread and begin to energize it with your focus, attention and action.

Even if a thread of reality does not seem very "probable" at the
moment, you can begin to bring your focus and attention to that
timeline. As long as you are willing to take action, and keep on taking
action to create a reality shift, you will eventually make the shift.

When you shift to a thread that’s a close vibrational match to your
present one, the change may be barely detectable; when you shift to a
vibrationally different thread of possibility, it may suddenly seem you
are living an entirely different life.
By working with timeline shifts, you can begin to create the self of
your highest possible future, transforming your life at the quantum

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta