Hi everyone,
I rarely send mid-week updates but this is such an important week and we are in such transformative times that I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what is happening this week and why you may be feeling unfocused and ungrounded, a little confused and even stuck as not much is moving right now. I would have written this earlier in the week but I was too tired!!
Did you feel ungrounded, tired and unsettled on August 3? Or were you energized, focused and ready for anything? Chances are you felt the former and that is because on that date the earth was bombarded with solar from a C3 class . While not powerful enough to block communications, it bombarded the earth with magnetic waves that were powerful enough to affect us physically, even going to far as to alter our chemical makeup.This opens us up to another important event, the Grand
that is exact on Friday, August 6, when the moon moves
into Cancer. This is such an important event that astrologers have been
talking about it for more than two years. It represents an opportunity
to right-size the world, to alter the status quo, create closure and
in new paradigms. And on August 9 we have a !
If you have been putting off your transformation, now is the time. It
will come rushing to meet you with open arms. Are you ready? (if not, it
is here anyway)
Transformation occurs as our soul reminds us of our purpose and mission,
when it knows that despite all of our preparation, taking the next step
is the hardest part. Where do we go and what do we do? What do we take
with us and what stays behind? What do we dare allow ourselves with the
fear that it will not happen?
Are we ready to step into our ? The question is not ‘are we
really great?’, but can we allow ourselves to think and believe it long
enough to allow it to happen?
What is being brought to your awareness for consideration? Are you ready
to release? Do you know what you want next? Here’s what someone wrote
to me today:
"My dreams are so vivid this week, let alone deep emotional baggage
coming up. I feel burned out by my experience. We must be releasing a
major amount of past issues, surrender is the key word for me."
And the participants in the Miracle Coaching program are watching their
mindset shift, they are suddenly getting clear on life issues they have
struggled with for years and are manifesting with the slightest

Remember that surrender does not mean we give up-it simply means that we
stop fighting. Where can you surrender and in doing this, be open to
miracles you would never have considered possible? Where and what are
you resisting? This is where you fears and doubts lie.
These are questions for you to ponder for the next few days as we, the
family of humanity, are bombarded with the waves of change. We are
ready, this is our destiny and we are in this together. So no matter
where you are in your evolution, it is a path of unfolding learning and
choice for you. When everything is up in the air, as it is now, our
thoughts become so important.
Be sure your thoughts are always focused on what you want to create
because it will be created. This energetic bombardment amplifies our
manifesting abilities and creation occurs without judgment. If you do
not want an elephant in your living room, don’t ask for one. Imagine
that the Universe has just handed you the magical lamp and all you have
to do is speak your heart-felt requests to manifest what you want.
What do you want your life to look like today and from this point
forward? Be bold, brave, daring and outrageous. These are the energies
we are working with this week, so take advantage of them. Pay attention
to the signs you receive as everything is significant.
Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,