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Our starry families have channeled the visions, the activity and
creation that exists in our Perfect Time Capsule of our 1000 year future
self. We can enter into that Perfect Time Capsule by absorbing these
frequencies of their consciousness and aligning our consciousness into
the reality that these frequencies hold.

The idea of man transforming into a new singularity means that the
model of the perfect star system, the perfect kingdom, the perfect
crystal cell alignment in the body is a snap shot of the reality of the
time capsule of the etheric birthing chambers of the Cosmic Aquarian
Fairy realm. The fairies who co-create through the activity of Divine
Mind. These crystal elementals actually re-structure us from deep within
the liquid light realms of our crystal cells, which hold the same
cellular memory as the star kingdom of star dust, fairies mermaids and
magic within ’s Crystal Heart.

We become conscious of this reality when we absorb the frequencies of
the signatures of our original tone of home. If we remain consciously
aware of our 1000 year future self before and during the zero point of
transformation in 2012, we can immediately translate into the time
capsule of our 1000 year future self.

The time capsule that we move into through our music contains the
principles of enchantment from our friends in the Sirius Star System.
aDolphino’s best friend, Lacodemus, is an enormous Leopard from Sirius A
who created the sacred geometry left in the symbols of Atlantis and
Egyptian architectrue. We combine our memories of the sounds of the
heavens from the sacred tones and the sacred teachings from our Sirius B
starry brothers together with the 6D geometry of Sirius A to create
our new Magical Kingdom.

We are guided by my starry brother, Zaurak from Sirius B to ride the
Cosmic Crystal streams of light that weave together all frequency
signatures of the stars stringing us through light into Sun Alcyone’s
library of our consciousness. This stream of absorbs the
consciousness of this time capsule and transmutes it into the entire
firey stream of consciousness activations to create a brand new Universe

Our starry team has channeled these frequencies of co-creation of our
1000 year future self so that we may begin absorbing and aligning our
consciousness into this time capsule. This time capsule must be
completed firmly in our consciousness before the zero point of no time
in December of 2012. These are the frequencies found in "The Promise of
Bliss" . These frequencies were sent August 10, 2010 as a new burst
of Cosmic Energy blasted through the veils of this time capsule to bring
the bliss of no time.

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Please share this article and its source by including crystalai@2010 from