When your heart feels hardened, put your hand over your heart.
When you place your hand knowingly on your heart to melt the hardness,
you will begin to feel the hardness melting. Yes, put your hand over
your heart with pure intention, and your hand and your intention will
do your bidding.

Whatever the situation, you do want to have the
tightness in your heart lessened. It is going to leave anyway.
Whatever event seemingly hardened your heart would fade eventually
anyway, so make it sooner. You don’t want cramping in your heart, your
that I intended to stay open. My instructions that came
with your heart were to keep it open and warm and palpable.

look to justify the hardening of your heart. You justify well. Yet
what does it come down to, beloveds? Does the situation really matter
in life? If you had to write down three dire situations, would this one
right now that causes you such heartache, would it be on your list of
three? Unlikely. The hurt will recede as so many other incidents have
done and have been forgotten.

If this current event does not
merit your misgivings, why dissect it then? Simply let it go. It’s not
worth a tuppence of your heart.

There may be those who have even
hardened their hearts to Me over events far greater than the little
scenario you are excruciating over now. Far greater, and, yet, even so,
that restriction of your heart has no merit. You, perhaps, may have
asked Me to stem the tide, and your will is not done. Dear ones, it is
possible that the tide followed its own natural bent before you even
asked, for time cannot be marked in Heaven. Only in Heaven.

has rollbacks, but even Walmart can only change a price ticket today.
It can’t go back and change the ticket on a day that has already rolled
by. It is necessary in life that you roll with the punches. You can do
that now where time is measured on Earth.

Miracles abound, and
yet patterns in the relative world have been set in motion. You do not
really want Me to be in the mainstream of the relative world, buoyed by
waves. It is not that My mind has been made up, and yet you wouldn’t
want Me to be changing My mind all the time, not even for you, for what
else might be left in the wake of what you want?

Of course, you
want your loved ones to live forever, and, of course, they do, yet not
in the body that you have become accustomed to.

You didn’t want
to lose your job, and yet something was wound and unwound, and you are
out of work. Despite the darkness and havoc you see, there is more to
it. Don’t be put off when I say that you are growing and there yet may
be something good for you in this. You say you are sure there couldn’t
possibly be, and I say, "Do not put a shroud over your head. Take it
off, and look from a different point of view. would not have
discovered unless he set out to look for something."

the situation against the grain of your heart that may be going on
now, even this minor squall in your heart, you can look at it
differently and accept its blessing and stride forward with peace in
your heart and good will for all.

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