Is it just me, or are they really not as productive as they used to be?  Twenty or even ten years ago, I could always walk into the video store and find something nice to view. Maybe my standards were lower then, but nowadays it seems that they just make mostly crummy horror movies, and far fewer titles of life comedies, interesting true stories, or even flicks.

Sure, the occasional Action-packed Special Effects movie like also has a love story in it, but it is kinda snowed under by the all out military display of superiority (which dismally fails in the end). Technology-wise, is a far greater one of Cameron’s achievements, but to me it fades in comparison to Titanic, which had a far smaller budget, but a much deeper story.

And Spielberg has done a lot since AI: Artifical Intelligence about ten years ago, but not much with a better story in it. They seem to go for the edge of what is cinematographically possible, but should in fact be spending part of that budget on finding better script writers…

Hey, I’m not saying I would be better, but reading the backs of the DVDs in the video  store, I figure I at least couldn’t be any worse!

Just a little more decline there, and I might even ditch the TV altogether!

Love your Time, you can spend it better.