In this everything is balanced, if not by then surely in essence. But having followed the New scene for a few years, it looks like the dark is rampant, and the good guys are no match by far. The common idea is that the bulk of our is in the hands of those who only mean to control, bleed dry and otherwise keep in the dark the bulk of our six billion souls….

But is accumulation of wealth really just the privilege of the dark? Could wealth really stay that far out of balance, without some equalizing gathering momentum to rectify the situation? I state  here the personal belief that this is simply not possible: any deviation from Equilibrium in a inherently balanced system will have to result in some attempting to regain balance.

So I figure that the minute fraction of the that owns the bulk of the world’s abundance is very likely split right down the middle. &;But if it is, and we all know the bad guys, why is nothing being said about the good guys?&;, you probably ask. Well, stick with me, because this might well become  ….

First of all, what is the main difference between the bad guys and the good guys? Well, the dark means to control, and thus restrict their subjects. And people are just like the media: they tend to wail loudly about the bad news, and keep the good news to themselves. So if someone takes from you, you complain, but a sudden windfall is usually just enjoyed in silence, and thus never makes it to the news. So if a positive force attempts to balance things like their viewpoint urges them to, they will usually have to do positive things to counteract their darker brethren. But like I said, that never makes the news.

Dark influences aim to concentrate all their resources within the restricted area they call their domain. No point in putting it in hostile territory, right? Light on the other hand knows no boundaries, and therefor keep their resources neatly spread. That difference actually makes the Dark an easier target than the Light.

And the Light is not focusing on one central offensive: instead, anyone with a keen mind can detect what direction to  take to achieve balance, because only one direction is the right one. If you want to upset balance, to accumulate anything, there are suddenly many more approaches, all with different results. So the Light simply has a simpler task, that requires less coordination.

So yes, I do believe that myth about bums actually being billionaires, or other urban myths with positive endings. Because let’s face it: if you were just doing what you loved to do, but found yourself acquiring quite a capital in the process, what would you do with it? You are not like those who aimed at getting filthy rich in the first place, and thus far less attached to actually being that. On the other hand, if you liked what you were doing before, you’d probably want to keep using those talents. So the money keeps accumulating till you really have to do something with it. 

And believe it or not, but any accumulation of anything will actually attract those who could benefit from it. you don’t have to ask how it happens, but believe me it does! But the attracted are also divided, each according to their vibration. So while the Dark have to fend off attackers who wish to lighten their load, the Light mainly encounter those who definitely need it, but are not hell-bent on taking it from someone else. So actually, the Light have the edge in accumulation, for they have to expend far less to maintain their accumulation. To them it’s just another tool,  to be applied generously wherever it is needed.

And since like vibrations attract, you can bet your bottom dollar that they teamed up long ago. Germain was said to have amassed a huge capital, but I’m quite sure he’s not the only positive one with a tremendously positive bank account. So keep an eye out, because you never see them coming if you are unaware. But if you wonder about something, and cannot get it to fit the big picture in your mind, then odds are, it’s one or more of them, helping you with something you most likely hadn’t even perceived as being a necessity.

Love your Mysteries,