The word itself, literally plucked apart, says it all: it has no end! But have you ever considered just what that little bit of information implies? If it has no end, nothing can exist beyond that end, and so anything is part of it! But does that also imply there can only be one infinity?

Yes and No: there can be only one infinity of any one kind, but there can be infinite infinities of different kinds. Let me clarify: the worlds roads and airways and sea routes form a web. It is so tangled and widespread, that to get from A to B you can plot an infinite number of routes. Maybe it’s not quite infinite, but considering the number of roads etc, it will grow faster than exponentially, way faster!

Similarly, the worlds knowledge is found in books, movies, databases, and many other media. In there is all the information about that first web, and our TomToms channel it for us in a useful way. If the collection of that knowledge is not yet considered infinite, surely the creative ways in which it can be used is very many times larger, and thus closer to infinite.

And even if you have an of the size of these two infinities, just consider them two grains of sand in the endless desert that is True Infinity! True Infinity is that one Source, that contains all semi-infinities, and still has room left for more. The Cosmos is a drop of water in the ocean that is True Infinity! I know, I’m quite good with words, but I cannot adequately describe it in any language, no matter how many words it has!

It is said, that any of us (and that does not just include the over 6 billion humans living here) can have our very own Cosmos. Worse even, we can have an infinite number of them, both those we would love to live in, and those we absolutely would love to avoid. And even then, True Infinity would still have space left over, to cater for anything we might want to desire next.

So isn’t it fun to know, that somewhere out there, a sizeable number of Cosmoses await you, tailored to meet a lot of your desires? (and even one which has them all?) And you know what? Just like the Web has search engines to get you what you want, I just know that this True Infinity thing called Source has something only distantly similar to it. I say distantly similar, because unlike the Web’s search engines, that have been evolving for about 50 years, the other mechanism has been evolving forever! Have you any idea how much speed and precision it will have acquired during that eternity?

If you have no idea, just think back to that beginning of the Internet: back then, computers filled entire rooms, and had no more processing power than the simplest of cellphones has today! And that’s just 50 years ago! Following that train of thought, I cannot help but be in awe. The only downside is, that my other half (the one who keeps me grounded) will tend to forget these brilliant observations the moment it all doesn’t seem completely sunny.

Love your Infiniteness,