YOU are a an eternally valid being, creating not just
multiple versions of you, but expanding and recreating
civilizations…by time jumping forward, backward, sideways…

has become very real to me lately.  Are you too, discovering this
amazing circular, looping, confident continual creative nature of

The invitation to claim your infinite participation in All-That-Is, is at hand.

many of you know, I have not been channeling messages to publish
lately.  Instead there has been a series of profound, inner,
introductions taking place as the multi-dimensional vortex in which my
soul is currently focused, aligns with and enters full knowing of it’s
ancestral lines and the primary form intended as a vehicle for
expressing the blueprint.  I have met a team of elders with whom I’ve
worked many times before and in reconnecting and remembering with them, I
have had cycles of joy, healing and expansion.  This is the playground
we are each entering in our own perfect time. 

I have been
fiercely educated about standards.  The choices we make now as our
fields are opened up to more expansive contact and communication, are
absolutely critical.  We much choose who and with what purpose we are
open for business.  If I wish to uplift myself, to participate in the
evolution of the human species and support the earth in her trajectory
toward the light-filled heaven-on-earth of a new dimension, then I must
not only choose this, but welcome those who support and assist, who with
me are aligned to this focus and this vibration of unity and love. 
Declining to participate in the indulgent energetic contact of those who
are not on the boat with me and part of this—together looking in the
same direction, with the same standards for experience—has become
increasingly critical to using my abilities and gifts with discernment
and devotion to the Law of One. 

We are learning how to transmit
our energies to create an ideal we each must determine and then choose. 
Each of us carries an important perspective as to how we might create
an evolved civilization of human life in harmony and cooperation with
the Earth and all beings who choose to participate in these standards
and at this frequency will be welcomed and allowed to also participate
in this ultimate co-creative Eden of diversity and quantum information.

the beginnings we find ourselves in of late, there is an increasing
level of awareness of All-That-Is and the reality of the new world is
pressing into all crevices in our body—filling the space and the
cellular within our forms with higher vibrating light, which we intend
and yet struggle at times to digest, anchor, ground and integrate.

activity within our sphere is at a pitch now and this is perfect for it
allows us to just yield and submit to what has manifested already and
what is now diversifying and evolving into increasingly specific form:
the new earth!

We live many of us increasingly in this field of
glorious, unified and we are now being drawn into the soul
groups—physical and non-physical—with whom we wish and have intended to
collaborate.  The task at hand is to go beyond now knowing our own
blueprint and to remembering the civilizations in which we are already
an active participant.  It is to realizing the emergence of significant
lifetimes–in dreams or visions or memories or resonance–is happening
for a reason: to inform and participate in this quantum moment of
NOW.  For it is this too which has led us to want to be here in this
now-point of evolution—that we might move forward, backward and
sideways—healing and making whole other aspects of ourselves who did not
have these current solutions or opportunities for wholeness. 

life of our being is about creatively expressing our unique blueprint
and using this marvelous perspective to enhance and evolve each
civilization in which we are a .  Continually we, across the
universe, in various guises, show up and have experiences which
stimulate us, expose us to new ideas, heal us, reunite us with other
sparks of ourselves and those we are connected to—all in an effort to
make whole, to expand, to create anew, to bring forth a culture and a
civilization which moves increasingly toward expansion AND wholeness. 
Peace and creativity.  Joyful living and harmonious diversity.  The
Earth is such a  beautiful space!  We have chosen an amazing home in
which to ground our energies and our vessels and evolve!

Let us realize the moment which has dawned

eternal loop of energy which is us—cycling in all directions and
cross-informed across time and space and beyond time and space—is
becoming self-aware. 

The new multi-dimensional, grounded human is stepping forward and realizing that this
is the moment we have intended to come forth.  The moment when we
realize our eternally valid, multi-dimensional nature directly in our

The Archangel Michael during our June Expect Wonderful Lightworker Collective
gave us the image of the infinity symbol to be placed on our third
eye.  To orient to the center point and realize all possible locations
in the Omni-verse available to us, and our orientation being the center
point–this NOW focal point in this amazingly beautiful human vessel;
the home of our spirit in this awareness.

I did not fully
understand this at the time.  Only now, as I realize that I’m
multi-dimensional, I’m in charge of my experience and there is no time
and space–there are merely locator points–have I discovered in
experience that I AM, in part, a time-jumper!

I am an eternally
valid being, creating not just multiple versions of me, but expanding
and recreating civilizations…by time jumping forward, backward,

Our focus is to create culture based on our own
unique preferences and to cultivate an energetic signature which is
ours, increasingly whole and in harmony and balance, and from our own
perspective: beautiful!

As each of us comes online, in our own
perfect time, we pre-pave the way for those who have decided to come
next; creating a vibration which at the perfect moment, they may begin
to resonate with, and those singing the song, vibrating the tones of
this enhanced awareness, grows.

Celebrate the lucidity of your
awakening.  Ask for information that is practical, useful, and pertinent
and listen.  The whole world wishes to speak with you, as do many
beings and energetic forms within the Universe.  Set your standards and
determine who is allowed to merge and blend with you, based on sharing
your intentions and your frequency standards.  Then open yourself up and
let the conversations begin!

You will need a notebook, and the
ability to quickly integrate truly awesome things one after another, so
drop your humble human limitations by your side and step up to the
innate worthiness which has always been yours to experience.  Give
yourself permission and intend to know the glory and expansiveness
which is YOU.

You are needed and vital to the success of this and
perhaps even other civilizations.  It will be as you choose it, so
choose well, and choose often.  And raise your standards far higher than
you ever considered before.  Then raise them again.

The present
springs from the future as well…this whole point at which you experience
and ground yourself—the home base for this multi-dimensional
exploration—is your way to take it all in and stay clear.  Love your
body.  Love yourself.  Let us together re-dream our society and our
lives in great abundance!  Let us live the Law of One with confidence
and creativity!

Claim the ownership which is yours.  Rise to the
opportunity.  Discover and trust abilities you had no idea you had! 
Claim what you know.

We are, you are, expanding the expression of
civilization itself.  Love and cooperation are what facilitate us
finding one another and working together to focus and give form to the
light we now know and receive continually.  Do not be distracted by
anything which does not meet your frequency standards.  Devotion to our
intentions is imperative for keeping our Lightbody in balance and clear.
 For when we are not clear about our intentions, then confusion ensues.
 Our bodies await and listen to our direction!  May we enable them and
give them permission to function at their highest capacity, trusting
them to know how to do this, continually viewing them with love, and
then doing the most important thing we can do: orienting to the heart.

Speak, ask, and inquire from the heart.
 Place your mind in service to exploring and expressing the ideal of
love.  We are each powerful beyond measure.  Consider this.  Does it
resonate within your heart?  Give your entire allegiance to your own,
internal knowing.  Become the peacemaker of your own life, and bring
this orientation to the civilization at hand.  This is the way of the
new human!

What a wonderful and amazing thing life is.  I am
moved to take care of this life I have chosen–to embrace being the
caretaker of my LIFE–not my things–my life, and the cultures,
civilizations and connections in which I am currently in play.  The
game is really really really getting to be more FUN!

Suit up and join me?  It’s time to expect more…

All love to you,

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