Lately I’ve been finding that hate is actually beyond me: I really can’t get any further than indifference any more. That’s great, because hate tends to unnerve, to unsettle things. So not going there is quite an achievement for me personally, although it is business as usual all over the world….

But it seems not to end there. Most things happening around me seem intent to remove more of those rough edges: the endless dragging on of my deepst desire seems to gently nudge me into making up my mind that I still want it, but I’m no longer afraid it might not happen. Cause let’s face it, another belief has gained more strength, and says that every chance you miss is just another strand in the rope that’s reeling in the real deal!

In a similar fashion, other happenings are creating possibilities which enter my mind, but which in earlier times would have had me revolt to them: no way I’d have ever have considered those options, not even in a million years! But time is an , and here I sit, with options ranging the whole spectrum from totally desirable to "Hey, I’d never have considered this before, but it might not be so bad."

I guess Life is just polishing us into perfect , so close packing will no longer be a problem. And I guess I’d rather be a marble, then a die, or even a chestnut with its spiky outer shell still intact. Hey, you have to shed that skin someday, why not start now? or finish it?

Love your Likes and Dislikes,