Nope, that is not my phrase, but one commonly used by our southern neighbors, the Belgians. They use it when they have the feelingthat things are happening that shouldn’t be happening, that are just to weird to really make sense. This morning at work, I have the distinct feeling that someone at least is playing with these bodyparts, and it ain’t any one of my colleagues!

These last few days, I’ve been sailing without a compass: I got a request from my superior (he isn’t, but that is not the point) to set up a plan for further testing of our software. I complied within a day, but sending it to him is like throwing it into space: you never know how or when he will get back to you. Clued him in on my availability for further work every chance I got, indicating what I’d be working on in my opinion. No response, not a single one. And that while he’s always so quick to point out if I’ve gotten it wrong. Hence, I can only assume I’m doing it right, and merrily work on.

That worked OK for two days, but this morning around eleven my computer just started acting up:  functions that have been known to work for years now suddenly start misbehaving, displaying results that simply can’t be right! I KNOW software, I know that when you program it, it can’t suddenly do something completely different! AND YET IT DOES!!!

That is a sure sign that some of the guys and gals upstairs are involved in it. They must be trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what! Is it time to get up and get out, quit this business? Sure, I could rest on my laurels they said this morning,  but that can hardly mean I should just throw a spanner in the works and ditch the job that pays most of the stuff I have come to depend on over the years. Especially when I have no idea what should replace it!

Maybe that’s my problem: like doc Brown said to Marty: &;You’re not thinking multidimensional, lad!&; I know it would eventually work out, but I’m in no mood to burn all my ships behind me, and just trust whatever would come up next. But on the other hand, just running in circles all the time isn’t quite the idea either….

But back to the toe game: it happens to me all the time, that impossible stuff happens on my computer which justcannot be explained by any rational explanation. I’m not nearly as frustrated by it as I used to be, but I still cannot fathom what it is telling me, simply because of the language they speak. It never is a clear message, can always be explained away by simple 3D folk, and always fits into at least three of the many situations I find myself in.  And you wonder why I complain about not being able to ‘get it’?

Well, I’ll just sail on by in whatever direction I happen to find myself in, fully prepared for something to happen where I will know what to do with it. That is the one thing that I seem to be able to do….

Heading for Lunch now,