, I am reaching for you, and because of this the
world is changing in so many ways, so quickly, because the power of My
Love is increasing exponentially and calling you to rise to it that your
heart might find its Home in Me. You know that Love is magnetic and
this Love I Am is ever calling to your heart and is meant to bring you
into it, that you might feel the truth of your being and rejoice every
moment in the fulfillment of your destiny.

The awakening of your
heart, as you breathe the holy breath, merges into the whole of Love on
the in-breath, and emerges as the glory of the on the
out-breath. The magnetic power of Love is calling to you now. It is
pulling on your heart. Can you feel it? It asking you to rise to this,
to allow this Love to have you, to trust Love’s power, grace and beauty
to show you all that you are.

Yet, just like magnets, beloved
ones, the magnetic power of Love must be able to come close to you, come
close to your heart, close enough that the connection is made, and Love
lifts you Home. All I need is your ready to receive Me, and
yet, beloved ones, what I often encounter when I reach for you is a
heart unavailable because it is covered with fear, in the protective
covering of the ego. So as Love pulls you into it, the magnetic
connection cannot be made. It is not strong enough to simply lift your
heart and open it into its glory and set you free from the miasma of the
ego’s dream in an instant.

This is what is waiting for you. It is
what is meant to happen as we come into this time of change. It is the
reality of Love’s awakening upon the cusp of which you stand. But
dearest ones, I Am asking you…please, make your hearts available… that
Love might have its way. The time has come to release the thoughts of
evolution that have occupied the mind and kept you on this path of
awakening through time. For I tell you that this moment now, this
eternal moment in which you stand, is the moment that My Love reaches
for you, ready to bring you Home.

Therefore, I Am asking you to
release the fear that wraps your heart, the fear with which the ego has
created separation from All That I Am…the fear that dampens your own
heart power and keeps you from being available as the transparent heart,
ready to fulfill your destiny. I know, dear ones, that from the
perspective of the ego’s dream of life on Earth, it will take courage to
drop the protective covering of your heart, to let your heart be naked
and revealed, vulnerable and open.

This is the only way that the
magnet of Love can work for you. You must be surrendered to Me. You must
give your heart completely, trusting that Love shall supersede your
greatest longing, your grandest dreams and everything your heart tells
you in the moment of your silence.

You have asked, many of you, in
your prayers to Me, why it seems so impossible to truly change, to step
into the beauty that you feel within these Messages, to open completely
to this communion. This is the answer. Beloved ones, your heart is kept
separate from Me through the ego’s belief that it must be protected and
the pervasive belief that your heart can be "broken."

The truth
is, as you shed the limitations of the ego’s perspective of reality, the
creation of the dualistic dream you live in, you will find that the
truth of Love will bring you to the fulfillment of your Real potential
as the open, glorious, eternal heart of God which is the truth of what
you are.

The heart of God, oh, dearest ones, is everything. It is
vast, limitless and omnipotent. It is the power of Creation and the most
intimate Love. It is All That I Am and it lives in you. If you will
just allow your heart to open…if you will crack the shell of the ego’s
lies to you that have kept your heart enclosed… that its life is hidden
from view and hidden, beloved ones, from yourself as well.

answer to your frustrations as the ego pulls you in again and yet,
again…into the dualistic view of a world based on Love and something
else…the answer lies right here in the magnetic power of this endless
Love that is waiting to make the connection with your heart and
instantly bring you to your truth, bring you into the Reality of Love
and to a world where only Love is evident, to bring you into alignment
with the power of Creation itself, that you are ever meant to
"en-conscious," that you might become this power of Love awakened in the
world, shining forth the truth for others, the truth that the open
heart, vulnerable and surrendered is the heart that at last can find its
freedom and bring to you the end of the ego’s dream.

It can
happen now, for the magnetic power of Love is increasing and the moment
that your heart is made available, its own magnetic power is lifted Home
to Me, that you might be the living revelation of the endless,
limitless heart of God.

Will you make this commitment to Me? A
commitment to sink into your heart and come to know it, to allow
yourself the freedom that will take you beyond the boundaries that your
ego-mind has created for you? It will allow Me to bring you Home to

Thus do I say to you that the time is here when any heart
made available can be lifted into freedom. The pure vibration of the
Love I Am is already alive in you and your heart is waiting to open its
truth and give you a whole new perspective on all that you are and on
life in the world. As I have said to you again and again, beloved ones,
it is the shift to the heart that changes everything, that at last makes
Love Real to you and shows you every moment the world that Love made.

is a world that is interwoven with the world of the ego’s dream, just
waiting for you to move into Love’s resonance and suddenly the vistas of
the endless Light and beauty that are ever the truth of life in motion
are the world in which you live. I promise you that as you allow this
resonance to become the vibration at which you live, then your
experience of your life day-to-day and moment-to-moment has to be an
experience of grace and beauty…an experience in which all the things the
ego fears do not exist and cannot touch you. They reside at a different
vibration and the vibration of Love is ever Love’s expansion.

is the blessing of new life and continual revelation. It is communion
with All That Is and being the transparent heart through which Love is
acting and giving, and through which all the symbols of the world before
you are a reflection of your own heart, the free, open, eternal heart
of God I Am, stunning in its power…the perfect power of Love and
breath-taking, dearest ones, in its beauty.

This is who you are.
You can trust it. You can allow your heart to fly, to open to Me, to
grant you communion with all life, to bring you this joyous symphony in
which every expression of Love is woven into your own and all of it is
waiting to come to you effortlessly through Love’s magnetic power, if
you will but surrender the ego’s dream of who you are and allow your
heart to remember the truth.

The ego mind has been relentless in
its pursuit of you, for it has created a self-fulfilling prophecy of all
the unfolding scenarios of the belief in lack of Love, the belief that
there is something other than the perfect Love of God. Because you are
co-creators, this ego world has been given life and seeks of course to
perpetuate itself. This you already know.

You have danced with it
for eons and called to Me again and again for freedom. The doorway to
freedom now, beloved ones, is standing open and the power of the Love I
Am is calling you Home. Your part must be trust. It must be reaching for
faith that Love is a greater power than any dream the ego creates. I
promise you that it is.

Every step that you can take to open your
heart to Me brings you that much closer and more available to this Love.
You will begin to feel yourself rising up without any effort at all, in
those moments that your heart is open to the living whole of Love. No
matter how fleeting the opening, in that moment this Love connects… the
Love of your heart and the Love that I Am that are one and the same. In
that moment you fully know yourself…the truth of the heart beyond the
reasoning of the little mind or ego…an opening that creates miracles by
bringing the world of Love forth as your Reality through your heart that
is open.

Every moment that you feel all that you truly are will
give you deeper faith and greater trust in the truth of Love. So, come
into My presence, into your heart that you might find the limitless
Reality of Love is the truth of who you are. Like a lightning bolt, it
hits you that all the protection that was created to keep yourself from
being hurt is the belief that you are vulnerable and that you are a
heart that is less than the heart of God. But believing something
doesn’t make it the truth.

The truth of Love is glorious and powerful and it is the truth of who you are in this eternal Now Moment.

shall we take a leap where you throw off all that covering, where you
drop the belief in duality, the belief that your heart is vulnerable and
just for a moment taste this limitless power of Love and now, you can
feel Love reclaim you as its own. Suddenly the ecstasy fills you with
such joy that you remember that the universe is your Home and not this
limited world of the mind’s making.

The world as seen through the
heart is filled with exquisite beauty, filled with the shining heart …
cells in the heart of God. In an instant you can be free to become this
magnetic power of Love, available as Me, right here where you stand,
that Love might do its holy work through you.

You cannot convince
your mind, beloved ones, of the heart’s truth, for the vibration in
which it lives cannot allow the Whole. But the open heart is available
for this Love I Am to reach and to bring back your experience of this
magnificent and joyous life, that the world might be revealed through
your heart as that which it truly is…an extension of your own truth and
beauty, the reflection of where you live deep within.

So let us
begin together to breathe this breath of Love that on the in-breath you
might remember that you and I are one, and on the out-breath you are
transparent as the open heart of Love through which you see the world
and through which Love can do its work. It brings you the experience of
multiplying joy, of the reflection of your true heart in your experience
of your life with you as your Twin Flame… before you as a world of
beauty, moving forth to be the fulfillment of your destiny in bringing
other hearts the courage to take this step… to release every bit of
armor that they have been carrying and to say "Yes" to Love…to shift
where each one lives to the truth of Love as the only Real substance of
life becomes what is Real within, and thus reflected without, that every
moment be a multiplication of joy and beauty.

This is the truth
of the shift. It is the magnetic power of Love waiting like a great
magnet to pull your heart back in, into the immersion of perfect union
and the expression of the individual, your heart transparent, open and
giving …every moment exquisite, perfect, as you become the open heart
that is ever transparent to the movement of Love reclaiming its own.

us take this step now to reclaim Love as your truth, to drop the
shields and the messages of the ego that say you are vulnerable. Become
the song of life, the symphony of Love as heart-by-heart the Love I Am
reclaims you and the world of Love is born through you…the reflection of
your heart Home in Me.