I got up with a sensation not quite agreeable to my feeling great. Last night didn’t quite turn out to be the party I’d hoped for, leaving me an empty bank account, and a stack of bills that still need to be dealt with. Don’t we all, you’ll say, and you’re right: this is no lamenting on my part, just an accurate description of what is my illusion as I see it…..

So getting up and checking the web for any signs of life, my mind pondered on the fact that even though my grocery budget is safe, I somehow have to deal with the fact that I need help dealing with the fact: there just seems to not be enough!

In the end I know it’ll all work out, because Mum will slip me some bucks while Dad isn’t looking, even though I make it a point not to ask, and not to even indicate I am coming up short. As I got on my bike, I voiced the wish to my that I wanted this thing resolved without leaning on the ones that I love. Tough challenge really, since I feel like I love all of you, but you catch my : no Mum, and no having to cut back on what my kids and my ex need.

Just as I completed that wish, a shining all-white feline crossed my path, hopped into the grass on my right, and intently followed me with its green eyes as I cycled past!  Could I have asked for a clearer sign? Surely that’s something completely different than a black cat…..

I cycled on,  and met my usual traveling companions on the train. Leo asked if I had a fiver for him, and despite my tight budget, I pulled one out to give it to him. But actually, he’d wanted me to make a fiver into change, to get a coffee from the devious machine that only hands out coffee for cash about half the times you try it. In the end we didn’t, and got on the train.

In the meantime I was thinking that it was a stupid situation really, because on the one hand I don’t want to burden those around me with my problems, but on the other hand I complain that not enough of them come to me for help. And frankly, that bugs me even more! Life is fun, but I’m only really interested in it, if I can help others. Now what is the Cosmos trying to tell me here? That I should stop caring and just mind my own business? Not bloody likely! That I should stop worrying about where the help comes from? Might be… 

Meanwhile Leo, who always takes a bunch of those free newspapers to his colleagues, was silently laughing. I asked him about it, and it turned out he had just read my horoscope. He wouldn’t tell me, but a bit of persuasion from me and Caroline caused him to change his mind:

It is a very positive day for your starsign and you can rest on your laurels. However, an unknown event could suddenly influence your life in a positive way. Be prepared for that.

Second synchronistic event in just as many hours! I don’t think horoscopes are everything, but I’ve seen them be right on many positive occasions over the years, in hindsight. So yes, today’s working day is very relaxed indeed, even if I did forget to pack lunch…..

Love your syncs,