Channeler: courtland ♥

BE~Loved Blessings ~
We share from the of Divine Knowledge! There is much going
on within each and every Soul upon this Grand Earth … we surely
encourage each soul to embrace these energies that flow forth! YOU are
the Creator of each Moment!

You have upgraded to a higher space of Love … relishing this glow of
beingness, fully engaged, this is what you are resonating in ALL you
touch! Any persons that come into your space are there for the divine
appearance of bringing a great connection, no matter how fleeting or
brief, each encounter is Divine and should be embraced as such source!
The dating of the great shift has been marked with confusion for many!
We share that from the linear space of time and the manipulation of the
Gregorian which affects the , respectively, we leave you
with the thought of Universal time! Your Soul knows “no time” ~ it is
only in this human created space of “time” ~ confusion begins! Return
to that space of your Soul for ALL answers, YOU are THE Light!

Tuck time as you know it dimensionally, away ~ time is only used to manipulate a moment ~ EMBRACE your Souls KNOWING …

Yes, a shift is imminent, what would you do differently than what you
are doing right now? In each moment, you are “shifting” in great
proportions so know that a date, a particular time, does not mean that
that is any more important … than this moment now!!
The higher your vibration becomes the more you realize what you are
creating and manifesting! All source knowledge becomes sacred unto your
soul, for you see the picture of how illusionary this incarnate life
is, how each encounter and endeavor serves your souls journey!
At this writing, we have shared several thoughts here … importantly,
this journey that you have each agreed to ~ has been mired with ups and
downs, twists and turns only to always return to Source Energy and in
this adventure of your soul, you are, with each leap forward, returning
to your natural state of LIGHT ~
Trust ~ Trust your Heart in ALL Moments, LISTEN to your inner voice as
it unveils ALL Truths! Have you noticed yourself moving away from
argument? From debate? From antagonistic thoughts or provocations? Have
you noticed your thoughts in these spaces ~ Soulfully, realized and
When we move into a state of discombobulation, all you need do is return
to the simplicity of YOU! WHO are You, What are You? What am I here
for? Simple … Love, Light ~ raising consciousness ~ which leads to the
simplistic soulution!
We express over and over how precious and important You, Your Journey is
to the ONENESS! The more the BRIGHTER the Light … the more others are
drawn to you, your space, ultimately, your wisdoms! You are powerful
in ways unbeknownst to even you, sometimes ~ those moments that you
smile and or feel inner JOY … one of THOSE enlightened moments!
We move into our Body Temples … the many, many aspects of ascension!
Your is undergoing so so many changes, upgrading,
insurgents, integrations … implosions and explosions of LIGHT … as we
release old beliefs, old values, old engrained thoughts … those voids
become brilliant with LIGHT … never have your Body Temples been so so
strained as they move through these dimensions of energy! As more Light
comes into the Body Temple to be integrated ~ tiredness, lethargy is
felt ~ one might wonder if it is energy, why don’t I have more … You
will be tapping this energy as it is integrated! Energy travels to that
space and fills it with many modalities of specific dynamics, precisely
why so many are at many different planes of ascension … YES we have
infused this Light energy within, albeit, each energy packet is specific
to our OWN Blueprints!

Honouring ALL Souls as they journey upon their own paths of ascension ~ each moment unfolds perfectly!
TRUST, ALLOW having Faith that you are always in the space of your soul,
your energy dictates this … so in this knowledge, your wisdom …
Surrender yourself to YOU!
This new space of Beingness is Peace ~ no longer do we need to wonder or
ponder … it is IS … it is ALWAYS as it IS (In Spirit)! All moments are
moments of IS~ness (In Spiritness)!
The Change is created ~ YOU changed You to BE ~ You BECAME the CHANGE ~
YOU came to BE!! We are so honoured to share this space with you!
Your Heart your Guide ~ Your Soul your Strength ~ Nothing can stop you
from conquering any creation before You! You are Source Energy Creator!
Shine L♥VE ~