Channeler: Aruna Byers

My dear ones. Be assured that my advice comes from the most caring
heart of I AM THAT I AM. No deceivers are at work to cause mass
destruction, monetary collapse or chaos in your lives. My love for all
is totally unconditional, and what I want for you is good and Angelic in
nature. But my ability to provide only desired creations is not
absolute, and I would prefer that the manner in which you receive my
words is not disturbed or negative in a way that contributes dross to
. Contact to my channel is clear, and my words are not
distorted by anything. Continue to pray for a most delightful day, and
for the mental wellbeing of the man I mentioned in my message of
yesterday. (Crisis in ) More and more of you are beginning to
understand how you can contribute to making a better way, and have the
ability to take appropriate action. God’s children are the most able on
the planet.

Manifesting by decree is a most for the human to have.
Add this method to any of the other methods used to create, for
mastering the human condition. But, also accept, that there’s another
level of mastery that can be more advanced than making things appear by
decree. That level of mastery looks like: no cause and effect created by
the mental action of ego.

When the chela is able, an awakening will occur. This awakening
cancels the old way of conditioning the ego has been engaged in, and a
new awareness of the man’s consciousness game takes its place. Man
continues to exist as a human, doing all the same human activities, but
instead of ego making decisions, or managing the body, God is. And God
does all that the body needs, as man does not consider himself, anymore,
to be more advanced in awareness than God.

Happiness is when man and God are on the same wavelength. Man is
divine in his consciousness before another controlling force called
"mind" becomes the of man’s awareness. Awakening dissolves
that control. No control of man’s body by his mind allows God to become
the ascended consciousness of human awareness. means: divine
consciousness leads all!

Many of my chelas have already ascended. Their consciousness is God
consciousness. No more do they dramatize the mind’s answers to man’s
decisions, answers to all decisions are from God.

Ascension wave #1 is complete. Ascension wave #2 can occur at any
moment. Being awake is the beginning of ascending. No man can ascend
with an attitude that makes "no choice" a less than desirable condition
than "my will be done". Man must let go of man’s will, to allow God’s
will to lead.

What has been called consciousness by mind has been an active
fantasy. No details about man’s abilities are needed to qualify for
ascension. God is only awake in those who do not strive for human
gratification. Accomplishments of any kind are not God’s concern.
Oneness and caring and giving are the only details of any importance.
Choice means: choosing God over man’s own desires.

Affluence has become the new spiritual nuance for material concerns.
Affluence, and making the man’s life a goal oriented concern, is a dark
mentality that the controllers have managed to contribute to man’s
confusion about ascension. Man’s decisions are not the way to ascension.
God’s are.

Making decisions for God is arrogance of the man’s ego. No decisions
about manifestation are needed. God has always done the right thing.
Yes, even the catastrophes are of God’s design, and man must come to
accept this.

Children of God, make no mistake you are completely loved and
cherished but, at the same time, you agreed to be a man or woman to
learn and grow. This requires disturbing creations as well as good
feeling creations. Both are part of the learning. Neither, alone, could
develop Oneness consciousness.

Peace is the result of letting go of ego’s call for more of anything.
God gives to all the ability to control until the awakening occurs.
Once awake, control ability dissolves. Man is, at last, becoming One
with God.

No concern about the destiny of one’s control is needed. All is in
God’s able design. Ponder this: My name is always I AM THAT I AM, no
matter what I may appear as in any life manifestation.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by