As Received by Theresa Crabtree

DAY 41

As the first Day Keeper in the Tzolkin calendar, one of my aspects is
. In conjunction with Tun 2, we create a unique blend of
designed to enhance your ability to look at issues with
fresh eyes.

Polarity has an important purpose in your world. For without it, your
world could not exist. It is designed foremost for the ability to
experience what is, as well as what is not. From our perspective, all is
Love and we have no desire to experience Not-Love.

However, among you are those who expressed a desire to experience
Not-Love. This does not make you lesser when you are having this
experience. It simply makes you an adventurer. This is similar to the
skydivers, race car drivers and river runners in your Realm.

Within the polarity, there is always the need to be balanced. There
is nothing wrong with going overboard and experiencing being an
alcoholic or a Bible thumper. There is nothing wrong with any opposite
extreme. You are here to experience this reality and live life to its

However, the majority of you also came in with a mission or two. At
times, you may go to extremes; sometimes this is actually necessary or
at least, very good. For when you learn to balance the extremes and
become more centered, you are then able to empathize with others who
have been where you were and now want to be more centered. This is what
great teachers are made of.

Be careful not to judge those who are doing what you would label as
outlandish things. You have no idea what their full agenda is. Many
times, most of you aren’t even sure what your own agenda is.

This is where the power of Imix and 2 combined come into play. Tun 2
is of polarity. Every thing in the physical world has an
opposite. You, as a human have the ability to choose how you will
experience each polarity. This often happens on a subconscious level,
especially when you are not being aware and living in the moment.

Imix is the Overseer of New Beginnings. With our assistance, you can
start anew and leave behind the extremes of the polarities that are
stopping you from living a joy filled life.

What we ask is that you take time this day and any other day to quiet
your inner and outer mind. Look at the things that are happening in
your life: your actions and reactions, your re-creation, your
relationships, your eating habits, your belief codes, etc.

If it is joy that you wish to experience, look carefully at each of
your behaviors and step by step, begin to walk towards the goal of the
most blessed and bountiful life that you can possibly imagine. Play John
Lennon’s song, Imagine, and dare to create that kind of life and more
for yourself and your comrades on Earth. Believe it and it is yours, now
and forever more!

Be in joy! Imix 2

Theresa Crabtree

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