I am

Rainbows surround each of you,your pot of gold is within the depths of your being.

Look into the heart chamber that beats to the rhythm of the cosmic
heart, the mother heart who so loves and appreciates all efforts no
matter what size to elevate her spirits.

You are aligned to the new earth energies that shine around your present moments.

Those moments that bring the sighs of peace, a peace that can be of a
natural state off being if only you will embrace it as it appears.

You are a child of and hold a special place amongst the stars
from whence you came,as you fell into the school of life, you came to
gain completion to your cycle from human to spirit essence e with full
consciousness s0 that you re-birth to going home is bliss that once was a
never ending moment.

Take heed children of light, darkness will always be there to dim your brightness if allowed.

Shine your light to each corner of your moments so you landing back
home has no hardships, no fears, no limits, your spark will become fully
charged from the light of your spirit.

As your soul, spirit and consciousness join together in harmony, you
will behold the magic key of the Universe which showers the Love and
Light to awaken the whole of Humanity returning to the peaceful,
harmonious Home for all ,the fifth dimension and heaven on earth.


written and channeled via Rosalie Muir 14th August ,2010
copyright,please share as long as all credit and information is unchanged,Namaste