June 20, 2010
This is Gabriel I will be with you at the rising sun for your reading it
will be important to your future it is a destiny point,a point where
other manifestations will abound. You will meet people and draw others
towards you from this piont like a gateway to a NEW YOU, THE NEW WHO YOU
WANT TO BE . You know who you want to be, just continue the actions and
intentions. The manifestations are swirling around you, the time is now
the future is here and I will hold your hand and take you there along
with me for you have been chosen to choose. Now that you have chosen,
you will see the world open its doors the divine come to life in every
breath you take. Put your self out there, you will see life will be
grand as you become a harbinger, a of hope and light to the
world, the divine draws itself to you like the magnet you are. You will
see the truth, you will see the divine and you will never want to turn
back, for life is grand. Go for a walk, take your kids, have some fun.
Revel in the glory that is the kigdom of heaven on earth, be who you
really are today.

June 26 2010
This is Gabriel I am glad you are connecting on this powerful night of
all nights, at the eclipse and the solstice all at once. You have done
good things and good things will come to you. You show love and
gratitude and spread light in everything you do and every breath you
take. The angels are behind you pushing you forth, bolstering your
courage and strengthening your will. Steps are not what you are taking
now, but leaps and bounds. Your readings will be getting more and more
powerful with every one.
Your network of light givers can become so useful as a support for other
people who do what you do and who share a gift like yours. Through this
network the lights will become brighter, the unification will amplify
the frequencies of the individuals. This will be a blessed union of
souls that will be guided and protected from the heavens and reaches of
the universe, go forth and unite in the name of The One.

July 1 2010 (Canada Day)
Here is Gabriel for you again. Tomorrow marks a new beginning, a
beginning of your choosing and your creation. Bring people together
tonight, people you love, people you care about, people whom you like to
bring together. You are filled with love and you are filled with light
and when you are low, we fill you back up. Don’t worry about funds,
don’t worry about faces, just enjoy the ride, enjoy the sharing, enjoy
the love.
Pay attention to yourself, pay attention to your thoughts, your actions,
you dreams, your desires. Pay attention to what you put out as it will
be what you receive in return
We are here to love you, we are here to guide you, go forth and ascend.
Ascend to us as we guide and protect and love you on the way here.
is the only true journey the only journey that matters and the
only journey you are here to do. As you go through life you inspire and
guide others along their own path of ascension.
Your children, your coworkers, your clients and even complete strangers
will follow you as you go. Go higher, reach further and be One of the
One as you have always been this is the lesson, this is the goal, this
is the aspiration and this is the path to God.
Your country celebrates today and this promotes the feeling of One. One
with each other, one with your neighbour, one as a country this is a
feeling that comes from the Divine Oneness of the world, of the universe
and of the God we are all a part of. Celebrate the Oneness of each in
any form, as a country, a community, a family, a human being. It is all
the same and all a glorious vibration. Celebrate love and live the path
to ascension, for you are already on it and we are already here. Join
us, our arms are open and we greet you warmly.

July 8, 2010
You still have some fear let it go, be brave. Fear does nothing, fear is
nothing, replace it with love, replace it with gratitude, replace it
with kindness. This is Gabriel. I am always with you, I am always
guiding you, I am always at your side, at your back and holding your