Be thankful this day for miracles.

I’m sure we all have
experienced a miracle in our life at one point or another. The question
is, what exactly is a miracle? A miracle is energies manifested from the
heart’s desire. This can occur in any way or form. We work to create
the desired vision and feed it with love and joy from our own soul. This
can be achieved through prayer or meditation. In essence we are moving
and bending in and around us to manifest into the

For example, we see an object of desire, place, item,
person, or said amount of money, our subconscious locks into our third
eye vision. Then we accept this desire consciously. With the acceptance
of this desire, we feed it love and joy, only to release to the Creator.
With this release we know it’s taken care of. With this process of
creating a miracle, we have to make sure it’s in alignment of our
purpose, higher good and can sustain us in the manner improve our life.
Also in the process of creating a miracle, like anything else, we have
to be specific in what to ask, along with having the courage and
confidence to ask. We can create miracles for others or vice verse it’s
not necessary to be as specific unless you know the situation to create
for them. This is where we learn to live by trust and faith.

Miracles often occur when unexpected. This is due to us releasing the
miracle and living by the certainty of faith. In order to accomplish
this, first we have to let go of any pride or ego. Then become grounded
in the desired miracle through prayer and meditation. Once we are
grounded we can open up to trust others from our soul group, i.e.
family, friends, neighbors or strangers. The flow of trust is important
to allow what needs to be moved, moved. We have ideas and thoughts in
"how" the miracle is to occur, which is fine, however it’s often best to
let go of the "how" it will happen and let it happen. I can personally
say either way to create the "how" is fine, pending circumstances or
object of desire. If we are not aware of the occurrence of the miracle,
then we were attached to the "how". With this missed opportunity comes
sadness or others low emotional feelings. Then we must forgive ourselves
and start the process again.

It’s ok to create miracles for
the short term or immediate situations. However miracles, are intend to
be in alignment of our life’s work. Miracles in appearance are small or
large or small miracles rolling into one large miracle. Each miracle is
interconnected, with our . Whether if its creating for our self or
others. Miracles are being used to help and guide
others. We are made from the Creator, who used the same energy to
manifest our miracles. The true miracle is us helping us. Once all
blocks have been removed, then we can see the assistance given to us
asked for. After all blocks have been dissolved, then we are open to
self and the flow of life filled with miracles.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the clarity to create the desired miracle.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the faith to receive the desired miracle.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the desired miracle.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the true miracle, you.

Vulnerable Reception

Coming to a place to receive self wealth

Emptying all to feel solace and oneness a void-less void

Becoming a stranger to self with overflowing emotions

Loss of senses to align with new sensations

Welcoming the new light

Bringing clarity of promise with joy

Nurturing the voice with love to receive the wisdom of faith

Received desired messages to complete once thought impossible

Soul renewed with vigor and stamina

A new journey has begun

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