Channeler: Aruna Byers

My dear ones. Change has already begun.

Counting all the corrupt managers would not be possible. All of
the personal debt combined, could not make a dent in their combined pay
and bonus guarantees. Managers of the largest banks are the most devious
Many of them are now living very high on the creative money drain of
market derivatives, while many of my are not able to count on
having enough money for their daily needs. Control of man’s quality of
life can go directly back to the managers of this cancer in the money

My advice to my chelas is to get out of debt. No more credit, or more
debt for anything that is needed. Get less, but get the comfort of
being away from the controllers outreach. Once the dollar crashes, many
are going to attempt to demand money owed to credit cards in more
condescending ways. Owing money, due to a drop of income, is not a big
deal karmicly, but demanding repayment by intimidation can give those
who are careful about their contracts, a quick overturn of their mental
and emotional control, causing chaos, and maybe even death by suicide.
When an organ of the body gets drained too much from mental stress,
creation of another death action can also begin. Bank managers are most
concerned about their own checks, not the health of their bank’s
customers. Be aware, being in debt can outrage the collectors to the
degree they will do outrageous things to get paid.

What can be done to avoid their harassment? Ask for assistance to
decrease the debt you have, and give more consideration to what you
purchase on credit. Solving this is not easy. Many are so heavily in
debt that an answer to my suggestion may not be possible at once. But
continuing to live beyond one’s means does nothing but postpose the day
of reckoning. Not with God, but with the collectors that the bank
managers are training to destroy your health and other daily

As money becomes less valuable, close the door to overspending. Give
me an answer to this: Are you being careful about all the purchases you
make? If not, control your needs to the point that they are less. Ask
yourself, "Can I live without this? If the answer is "No", then get it,
but if the answer is "Yes", don’t. Credit has made an easy crime of
draining one’s and maintaining an affluent course of
action. Need has become greed.

Can you conceive of life without TV, or , or driving a
new car? Can you be more concerned about your future than buying the
most attractive things that your mind likes? Can you answer the door to
your house without having any concerns about a man casing it for what
can be stolen? Can you ask yourself now, "Am I less attractive without
my collected material items?" Are you clear about the distinction
between needs and desires? Needs are conditioned by mental decisions,
and many consider their desires to be their needs. , clothing, and a
house are needs. Cars, TVs, mobile phones, and most other technical
machines are desires.

What can be done about living beyond the needs criteria? Ask the
children for assistance in cutting back their demands. Consider giving
more to charities. Allow for the days to come by holding on to the cash
that can be added to a nest of food supplies. Can this be done? Parents
need to educate their children about needs vs. desires. Giving children
all of their desires makes them desire more, until they cannot
understand that absolute control of the human experience needs their
conscious discretion about money.

Families with children may not yet understand that they need to teach
decision making control, because they have not had to do with less. But
the days to come are going to make a change in this actuality, and
being a careful and masterful manager of money, can create more for a
child’s learning, than buying with an uncontrolled attitude.

Assets for the next days can be more food for draught conditions,
seeds, mass control of an area to grow an abundant crop, new ways to
alter man’s houses for letting in more contributors to group care, new
ways to free the mind, methods to give to others, and other needs of
communities. Purchase things with CASH and dramas about debt can go

Many of those who are reading these words are already needing
assistance to buy these needs for the future. If those who can, are
willing to share, the need for casing the homes of others will not be
another consideration.

Forces beyond the daily media headlines have been getting prepared
for chaos for many days. Now they are ready to drown those who are not
self-sufficient. Can you become less dependent on banks for daily
sustenance? Can you deliver the draught one more caring heart to learn
what will need to be done?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by