Yup, my monthly party is tonight! Just checked, and the appreciation of my daily occupation has just landed on my account with quite a thud!  Transient stuff really, because after tonight it will almost all have found its way into various black holes commonly known as landlords, suppliers, family, friends, and that modest pile I call the household budget…….

I used to ‘celebrate’ this night with a smile like that of an undertaker, lamenting every bill needing to be taken care of. Somehow over the years, not in the least thanks to you all, that changed. Now, I celebrate payday, as just another milestone of my plans for the future that has come true.

Have things really improved for me over the years? Well, I thought they had, but lately the mantra "There will always be enough" seems to have faded into the distance somewhat, and sudden extra requiements for the education of my ladies have somewhat destabilized my financial position. An announced bonus system at my work might handle that, but it requires study in a field that I can no longer wrap my mind around: the book says one thing, the compiler another, and I seem to be able to get neither to work…  Somehow my heart’s just not in it, so the bonus will be a washout, and Abundance will have to find other ways of reaching me. 

Lotteries don’t work either in my experience, although that doesn’t mean I don’t ever try. But I know just as well that if Lady Luck smiles, she’s not going to be asking you for your ticket first….

Back to tonight: I came to use a spreadsheet to keep track of my budget, but lately I wonder if I shouldn’t chuck it. Sure, you know quite well how much room there is left, certainly if your paycheck is the same every month. But the added  assurance of knowing makes you grow dependant on the knowing, and pretty soon you’re planning in last-minute modifications to help friend or foe, that leave the budget tighter than it should be. 

So come three thirty, I’ll hop on a train, and will use the traveling time to decide on what’s for dinner, which by definition is something out of the ordinary on payday.  That’ll quite likely be topped off with a nice batch of Italian icecream, before Moorelife will be given precedence over the bank, as things should be. Then, it is a matter of inventory, sorting, paying, and keeping half an eye on what’s left. And in such circumstances, the bag of rice my buddy Lamin in Gambia needs for his family takes precedence over last months phone bill, which is the nastiest in the pack for now.

Weird thing is, that in the past, money felt way more ‘important’ than now. Sure I’d like to have my second novel outsell Harry Potter or Twilight, but if not then my job will still be there for the forseeable future. Barring any unforseen events that will happen ‘soon’ (Yeah, Right!), I’ll just go with what is here Now….

Love your Expenses,