This morning when I entered the train, and greeted , my steady travel companion (for the first ten minutes at least), he looked up from his newspaper and smiled: "You should be terrified, just listen":

Oh yes, most of you don’t speak Dutch, right? Well, this is what my looked like translated:

: 20/2-20/3

Someone is coming into your life like a kind of dream (ss). He/she will leave nothing to chance.

And knowing that my novel coming out next month is actually alluding to a similar event that should occur on 10-10-10, it certainly read like a message from beyond. But even if you do believe there is a certain truth inherent in astrology, you’d also still have to believe that the newspaper tycoons actually consulted an in the first place!

So, maybe for now the best frame of mind is not a quasi uninterested "We’ll see", but more a cautiously hopeful "Wish me luck!", coupled with the faith that Life always works Just in Time……

Love your Stars,


P.S. I met Leo on the train in the very week my brother Leo died in hospital….