Did I just claim seemed close to extinction because of the number of reactions I see? I should go wash my mouth out with soap! Having some time on my hands waiting for technology to do my bidding, I strolled on over to the statistics area of , which I actually seldom visit:

Notice how the recent uplifting movement has a strong resemblance to the number of archives at the bottom of this page? All your work, with a peak of over 18000 hits per day in the first month alone! So I’m not just doing it for the few that have the nerve to react to these postings! Just look at the numbers for this month, which is not even finished:

  Total Hits 330733
  Total Files 199597
  Total Pages 70310
  Total Visits 22333
  Transfered KBytes 3130973
  Total Hosts 3339
  avg max
  Hits per Day 13780 15860
  Files per Day 8316 9293
  Pages per Day 2929 3359
  Visits per Day 930 998
  Transfered Kbytes per Day 130457 204968
  Time per visit 00:03:54
  Pages per visit 3.15
  Duration per page 00:01:50
  Cache Hit ratio 33.47%

I can’t help but notice the inordinate number of threes in this little table, especially the double and triple threes! I figure that a little boost like that is sure to get me enthousiastic again. If my new novel gets just as many readers, there may be a pleasant surprise in the works yet!

Anyway, thanks for the steady support, as the nearly flat curve of the last half year shows. It’s good to know that you even have friends you DON’T know…..

Love you All,