After the Sorcerer’s Apprentice last night, me and Mel (my youngest) indulged our current craving for magic by feeding the DVD  the first four episodes of season four of Charmed:

Basically, this is the average good side / bad side story, but set in a world of magic. The Halliwell sisters have just lost oldest sister Prue  (Shannon Doherty), and Piper (Holly Mary Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) unexpectedly find out that their mother had a naughty little secret: the unknown but no less magical Paige (Rose McGowan). Yep, you guessed it: witches in modern television are no longer hags, presumably to chain the male half of the audience to the tube!

Storywise it’s quite believable, if you believe in magic, but as we were  watching, a few very  peculiar brainchildren of the writers offered themselves up for evaluation: For one, the book that is the Prime Directive of the Charmed Ones is called the Book of Shadows, but they constantly fight all the demons, warlock and other bad entities that are described within it. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to call it the Book of Light? And  then the bad guys: no matter what color shape or size they are, they all fall under the absolute reign of the Source of All Evil, or Source for short. Thus, the neural nets of all the viewers of the series get innundated with the idea that ‘Source’, completely benign as most of us use it regularly, is actually Evil Incorporated.

Think of this what you want, and don’t think I don’t enjoy watching the adventures of these beauties, but the above peculiarities in the script made this series worthy of a mention on Moorelife. After all, it’s just another example of how every storyline can have positive and negative stuff woven through one another, until only your own discernment can actually tell you what is the path to follow….

Love your Discernment,