Your responsibility as healers is a serious one and you fulfill
this in ways that have often caused you great sorrow. The soul groups
you choose are those that need your light and healing, but often do not
respect or honor the responsibility you have undertaken for them. The
roles you play in each lifetime demand sacrifice yet the rewards are
often not given to you. The pain you carry for the world weighs heavily
on your shoulders and yet the world does not appreciate you for it. Do
you take on more responsibility to see the results you wish for or do
you give up? There is a middle path you can follow which will honor your
path and help you live beyond your responsibility.

Can you
release your to their own path, knowing you have fulfilled
your obligations to them by extending healing and understanding? They
have unlimited opportunities for healing and release available to them,
from any they choose to work with. You place yourselves in that
position on their behalf and because of your history with them. But you
can let another teacher fulfill that role in their life.

Indeed it
is preferable to allow other teachers to take over your role of
at this time. Just as children ignore the constant presence and input of
their parents, your soul group ignores your presence that has become so
fixed and available. They take your presence for granted and do not
appreciate your level of energetic . Your responsibility to
them affects your ability to see beyond their need for healing where you
cannot see your interaction as anything but their healer. In all of
your soul group relationships, do you have any other level of
interaction besides that of healer?

It is time to re-assess your
responsibility to your soul group, to choose how much you will be part
of their healing and when you will release them to other teachers. You
can then have other relationships with them or with others. You can
decide to release this vibration and invite a new level of healing which
reflects your learning. As long as you are committed to others’ healing
you will stay in that vibration with them. Are you ready to allow your
soul group to find its wings? They need to learn to fly without your
guidance and you need to experience the freedom of letting them go.

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