So often we leave one situation only to find ourselves in
another one that is exactly the same. Why do we do that? Because we try
to fix what we see as our failures by fixing the other person or setting
up a similar scenario, hoping that we will do things differently the
second time around. But sometimes the second time becomes a third,
fourth and so on and we find ourselves in perpetual rebound. What we are
trying to do is complete a cycle so we can be re-born but that cannot
be accomplished unless we shift our own .

The rebound
process is best described in relationships, when we leave one and
immediately go into another one, thinking that the new person is
different. But as we find out, this new relationship is very similar to
our previous one. How can we find another person who is just like the
one we said we would never go back to? Unless we shift our energy, we
are attracting only energies that will help us complete our healing
cycle. Did we change? If not then our cycle is not complete and there is
additional healing to be done.

To understand why we rebound we
must look at the ego, which always thinks it’s right. And the ego never
wants to admit defeat so it will help us re-create the past so we can
‘get it right’ the next time. If we shift our energy we release the
connections to the ego and set new energetic boundaries, we cannot
rebound because we are no longer at that vibration. Can we resist the
temptation to try one more time, just in case we can get it right on the
next try?

Re-birth is confirmation of our spiritual healing and
rebounding is how the ego forces its will on us. To avoid rebound we can
take the word ‘failure’ out of our vocabulary. There is no failure as
everything that ‘doesn’t work’ wasn’t meant to. Can we accept the
blessings of failures as signs that our internal guidance system is
working on our behalf and removing those things that do not serve our
highest potential? We rebound when we think that there is something
wrong with us and that is never true. Re-birth is a shift in our
energetic core and a sign that we can integrate the healing we have done
and create fulfillment, joy, peace and love for ourselves.

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