Channeler: Daniel Jacob


Another Transmission from The Reconnections
"Reconnected Sexuality, Pt. 2

My Dear Friends,

What is sexuality, anyway? We would suggest to you that it is an experience of the physical world which involves three key elements: form, function, and feeling..

In the physical world, things are what they are.. That’s form.. And they do what they do.. That’s function.. But it is this third key element…..FEELING….that makes the world PERSONAL to each of you.. The first two elements are akin to the first two dimensions of physical reality: height and width.. They provide a picture, a blueprint for existence, but they lack depth.. It is the depth of a person, object, or relationship that gives meaning to it, that puts a breath of life into its existence.. Such depth does not always require TIME to build, as much as it requires a full investment of self….an IMMERSION OF SELF, if you will…. within the space you create to be with another person.. An entire LOVE AFFAIR can be lived out in fifteen minutes, across a crowded room, if two souls are in proper alignment.. And the effect of that "encounter" will sometimes last for years..

Infants have gender characteristics.. That’s form.. And they do what
they do.. That’s function.. Snips and snails, and puppy dog’s tails?
Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Who gets to decide this? It is all
in the eye of the beholder..

The natural fruit of Reconnected Sexuality (as we have previously
described) is the appearance of MAGICAL CHILD ESSENCE in the
relationship.. Playful, wonder-filled, eye-popping, belly laughing JOY,
which can only appear when all "posturing" and "performing" are laid
aside, and true spontaneity and freedom takes the lead..

If two "partners" are not yet ready to return to this state within
themselves, they can bring forth a physical child to play it out for
them, so they can "learn the drill" once again.. This is the primary
"gift" Children of the New Earth are bringing in today: A Tutoring
Program for Re-Discovery of the Magical Child within.. But be careful
about assuming a "parenting" role as you interface with these New Kids..
They are not here to be "raised.." They already carry a TONE, from
birth, which has been designed to LIFT (raise) and GUIDE your planet
incredibly, as you move from Third Dimension through 4D and beyond..
Believe us when we say that THESE KIDS have far more to teach adult
humanity than the other way around.. So be alert.. Watch and listen..
There are miracles in store!

In certain languages, animals and physical objects also have gender
assignments.. In fact, your whole world of Duality can be given
correspondence (role identification) with either the masculine or
feminine forces.. Is that sexual, too? Some people believe it is.. The
essence of masculinity is initiative.. The essence of femininity is
response.. Those two forces are constantly in play, within the World of
Form, regardless of gender.. They represent the heart of Sexuality and

A masculine-dominant society may be tightly focused on form and function
(the sex act and relationship), but totally oblivious to feeling.. An
infant starts out life oblivious to form and function.. All he or she
knows is feeling.. And, because of this vulnerability and innocence, his
parents do not challenge him on that for some time to come.. In some
cases, the infant in a household becomes an ICON for feeling, while his
parents carry out the form and function part..

The appearance of a "Child Icon," within a
physical Game Format, signifies a return of INNOCENCE to the Game that
is already in motion.. Innocence (as a symbol) signifies an attempt by
one or both participants to recreate a state of openness to each other,
and with the rest of life.. Innocence is not always synonymous with
naivety, however.. As we apply the word here, it speaks more to the idea
of living life in an freeflowing, natural, and unfeigned way..

The oft-heard admonition: "Act like an ADULT, will you?" is very
telling.. And your endless expositions on and descriptions of healthy
adult sex, couched in terms of "sexual performance" is also quite
interesting, is it not? Is all of it an ACT? A Performance?

A wise man once expressed: "Always BE what you wish to seem." These
words were never truer in history than they are now, My Friends! The
vibratory pulse of your planet has reached such a pitch that your bodies
and minds can scarcely withstand the weight of your incoming awareness,
let alone the burden of carrying facades and picture postcards
concerning who you would like people to think you are.. What was once
seen as an ideal (be what you wish to seem) is rapidly becoming a
crucial skill for maintaining mental and emotional survival..

As we progress in this series, you will notice that we place a lot of
emphasis on children as we are creating the link between Spirituality
and Sexuality.. That is because children do "sex" better than anybody!
They are a product of sex, one of its major purposes.. It is only the
FORM of their sexual expression which changes, over the years.. Children
are always toggling between two poles of "action and passivity.." They
are always ready to receive, but they frequently enjoy giving as well..
When they give, it is because they want to, not because it is expected
of them..

This dynamic of "giving and receiving" is the CORE ELEMENT of
Sexuality. . It’s also the CORE of Spirituality as well.. That is why
the two are so closely linked..

If any of you are feeling disturbed about the connection we are
building, between children and sex, it is probably because humanity has
placed a corona of honor around that time in your lives when things were
simple, and everything was about laughter, play, and sweet innocence..
Why does that ever have to change? Some of you may feel that those times
were all too short in duration (so do we!), or worse……….they
never really came around for you at all..

Our purpose for offering this series of transmissions is NOT to
encourage adults to have sex with children.. Rather, we are suggesting
that you return to the beauty of having sex AS children……and see
where that takes you.. It is possible, you know………regardless of
age.. Being an adult seems very much the art of putting on masks and
facades, convincing yourself and society that you are: (a) worthy of
their trust, and (b) able to live among them in a thoughtful and
responsible way.. All the while, you are still grappling with the same
fears, dreams, and repressed desires–left over from when you stood,
steadying yourself at your father’s knee..


Some of you will find that, before you can move forward again in your
integration of Spirituality and Sex, you will have to actually "grow
down" a bit, so you can re-capture the freshness, lightness and honesty
that is required to come into the "Holy of Holies" which exists at the
center of your own being, or that of another.. We will speak more about
this in other transmissions.. For now, let it suffice to say that life
is far too important to be taken seriously! Enlighten up, My Friends!
The 2012 Party is just now getting started..

So be it… We love you.. We honor you.. We are always here..

(end transmission)