I couldn’t believe that I woke up with a huge pimple on my face!
In addition, I have slowly gained some weight over the past few years,
which can be attributed to getting older and my hormone levels changing.
I am working on becoming more physically fit, taking supplements
regularly, and eating better. I came to the that I have
identified my self worth through my outer appearance. Just because I
might not always be looking my absolute best on the outside does not
need to define who I am. I am learning to detach from my ego and know
I’m good enough with or without perfect outer beauty.

Of course
it is very important for us to take good care of ourselves by eating
healthy, being active and getting enough sleep, yet we also need to be
loving to ourselves regardless of the weight on the scale or the way we
look in the mirror. Our bodies go through changes at various points in
our lives and due to issues we are dealing with. Loving ourselves isn’t
dependent on achieving some type of perfection. True beauty is not skin

We identify our worth through the personality body with the
many identifying roles we hold. Many individuals identify their worth
through accomplishments in their career and financial status. In this
economy as people are losing their jobs they are struggling with their
identity and self worth. Parents with young children identify their
worth through raising their children and find identity in their
children’s achievements and the duties they fulfill as a parent. The
empty nest syndrome occurs as our children grow older and no longer need
us in the same way they once did. We then need to reconfigure our focus
and find interests of our own. There are those who identify their worth
with the amount of money they have in the and the lifestyle they
maintain through the things they acquire. In this economy, when many
need to cut back and may see their portfolios dwindling, have an
opportunity to reassess where true worth is. Many identify their role
through their status in a relationship. We have a tendency to lose our
individuality when in a relationship. When a breakup occurs it can be
difficult to find our identity as individuals.

It may be time to
really look deep to see where we are identifying with our personality
body. If we can disassociate our worth with the status quo we can go
deep into our core. It sounds easier than it is. It takes mindful
practice of not over identifying with the personality body and really
monitoring our thought process to make sure we are not losing ourselves
in the mundane.

So, I may have a few pimples and some weight
gain. I have a son who is growing up and doesn’t need me in the same way
any longer. I’m at a time and a place in my life where I choose to
release my ego. I let go of my expectations and surrender all
limitations of who and what I thought I was.

The only way to
achieve self-love is to release the ego. Being kind to oneself is so
precious. Giving ourselves extra kindness and care as we reprogram our
thoughts by making time for plenty of rest and doing things that nourish
our body, mind and spirit.


Dear God,

honor who I am. I am good enough. I deeply and completely love and
accept myself. I love my body that is my temple and sustains and
nourishes me. I surrender and release my ego and any preconceived
notions I may hold. I let go of my insecurities and doubts about myself.

this moment, I ask You to assist me in releasing my ego, which prevents
me from loving myself completely. I truly seek peace and Oneness. I
truly seek happiness and fulfillment. I know the only way this can be
achieved is through self-love and self care.

As I honor myself, I honor You.

And so it is.