The following is not meant to say: "Hey look at me!". In fact, it is certainly quite flawed as Rules of Engagement go. And I’m putting them up here to start a discussion, if that is in any way possible. What would be adequate Rules of Engagement in an ideal world? Certainly not mine, because they do tend to favor certain groups…..

Inanimate objects:

Use to your heart’s desire, but try not to break them. In the past I have  broken that rule, smashing various highly intelligent objects like palmtop computers by aiming them at people, and hitting nothing but even more solid concrete walls!

Plant Life:

Love to see it, will water them if need be, but essentially I have black thumbs instead of green ones: Any plant I aim to take care of swiftly dies, while those I leave in peace flourish like wildfire. Just ask the weeds in my back yard!

Creepy Crawlies:

Essentially, I don’t mess with them, even preferring to look at the ground when walking, to avoid stepping on them. Those that wander into my home are gently relocated outside if possible, or left to their devices as long as no higher house guest is bothered by their presence. Spiders got the short end of the stick, because both my young ladies absolutely abhor spiders!

Smaller Animals:

These are even talked to on occasion, especially the two chihuahua’s and the poodle that frequently take lodgings at my home. Personally I don’t keep pets because I do not want to own another living being (humans included), but the pets of others are welcome.  Wild smaller animals are welcomed as the representatives of the All That Is which they are.

Bigger Animals:

Although I lost my fear of them, I am not a fool: if it’s big or ferocious, I keep my distance.


Basically, they can fend for themselves. If they need help, ask for it, and I know how to provide it, I do. Otherwise, I am not particularly attracted to them, especially the more controlling ones. What race they are is of no concern, how they treat other people is far more important.


Not that they are weak, but life has shown me that they deserve more. More help, more attention, you name it. So that is what they get from me. But at the same time, I have to include myself in the group of the men, thus automatically feeling somewhat lower on the scale of life……


I have few, I cherish them deeply, but as a consequence I tend to bother them as little as possible. And that is probably why I have so few. If they need help they come before the other people, but if I need help, I don’t want to bother them. Yep, you guessed it: I’m a loner!


Never have been particularly fond of bloodlines. Family to me is no more important than friends or even just humans, depending on their behaviour. But equally, even if I do believe to come from the stars, my star family falls into this same category.


Male or female, these are more important. My own two up front, but all their friends not very far behind! From them I learn the most, including the fact I  am wanted. Often, my home is a bustle of youngsters, doing the things they love most. I sit by, and help out with various serving tasks.


A rare breed, female by definition, because of too much male pushing in my youth. Call it a trauma, but to me it was just one of my choices after having experienced a few near misses (that weren’t really misses) of the alternate kind. Rare indeed, because after fortyseven years, the count is up to TWO! And that is not counting the dozens of crushes that never were able to get me to act.  Yep, a regular Don Juan, right? ;-)

the One:

Even more rare, but at the same time completely unavoidable! I can feel her, every now and then. Not sure yet whether she will actually be the exact mere mortal I now hold her to be, but her presence is unmistakably there! I don’t think I have to explain to Y’all how I will treat her….

Spiritual Energies:

Love to engage them, but have a hard time getting through to the real meaning of their expressions. Discernment helps, but mostly the messages are cryptic at best, or plain impossible at worst. But I’l learn it yet!

Let the discussions begin!