Channeler: Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa, August 13, 2010

We refer to often, because it is the most important issue
that you will have to decide. We have mentioned that once you decide to
ascend, you are creating a pathway to it. The point we wish to emphasize
is that many paths lead to it, so you need not be concerned if others
follow one different to yours. You will find that they all lead to a
moment in time, when there are great changes involving .
Where you go from there depends on whether your vibrations are such that
you can be lifted up. If they are not at a level where you can, then
clearly you will continue at the same one as before. That means you were
not ready for Ascension, and indeed the higher vibrations would not
suit you and would make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately you cannot
but advance to a level until you are ready, and that is Universal Law.

Some people have such a rigid mindset that although they find greater
truths around them, they find it very difficult to move on. They have
become bound by the chains of their beliefs, they will be amongst those
who will continue to experience in this existing dimension. Fear plays a
part and they cannot contemplate that they are in a state of denial,
yet they invariably have their personal doubts in connection with their
beliefs. As we do where all souls are concerned, we place the truth in
front of them and it is up to them how they deal with it. When you have
found the true path, there is no conflict within as you are at peace
with all life. Your understanding also allows for the acceptance of all
souls, because you see them as an equally important part of the whole.
You are one mighty group soul, and all contribute to the mass
consciousness. Due to the efforts of the Lightworkers, it is continually
expanding and is helping bring others out of the darkness that engulfs

Levels of consciousness have reached a point, where further
upliftment is going to occur at an even quicker rate. Almost every month
there are configurations of some kind that are bringing it about. It is
extremely good news as the higher you can take your consciousness, it
will help manifest the new paradigm. You cannot have a vacuum, and as
soon as the old is removed the new is waiting to take its place. The
Divine Plan for your release from duality is well established, and all
stands in readiness for the first time conditions allow it to proceed.
Our allies make steady progress, and have established a strong front
against any attempts to prevent the ultimate changes from going ahead.
It is not a question of whether they will, they MUST- to fulfill the
needs of the people. Also the cleansing must take place to enable the
Earth to be restored, and these are all stepping-stones on the path to

We of the have long ago learnt to curb our
desires to rush matters, as we are moved by our strong love for other
souls who are suffering. We would dearly love to appear on Earth now,
and put a stop to all of the actions being taken that are not in your
interests. However, as you surely know by now, we obey the higher
principles of Universal Law that prevents us from doing so. What is
wonderful is to see is your own response as more of you reach a greater
state of awareness. You are putting your energies into use and are
taking your own action, and believe us it is having a positive affect.

So much more is known about us and other Space Beings in general. The
subject is increasingly becoming spoken of in public, and no longer is
there any stigma attached to having a belief in our existence. The proof
of our existence is no longer a matter for speculation, and only the
most skeptic amongst you could deny it. It allows us to be bolder in our
presence around you in your skies, and also on your Earth. So much is
known about us, it will almost be just a formality when Disclosure is
announced. However, what it will do is allow the hidden truth to come
out about our long-standing relationship with you. You will also learn
about our many operations on your behalf, to prevent the dark Ones from
destroying you and Mother Earth. After the destruction of Maldek in your
Solar System, God decreed that such an act would never be allowed
again, and we are charged with ensuring that it is observed. If allowed,
such an act would have seriously put back your evolution, and would
have also interfered with other civilizations. That could not be
tolerated, as this particular cycle was planned eons of time ago to end
with Ascension.

Now you stand in the midst of the chaos, that is a sure sign that the
old is breaking up. For some it is an extra painful experience, but
understand you are all where you are supposed to be for the end times.
The nightmare is real enough, but you have the power to change it
through your power of thought. You are creating the way the final days
work out, and it can be joyful and exciting or fearful and depressing
depending on how you view it. Lightworkers know that it is best to stay
calm and centered at all times, and not allow fear to creep in. All life
is infinite and whatever happens you will be looked after by Beings of a
high vibration, that have the power to bring you Love and Light. We
count ourselves amongst them, and our actions are never ones to cause
you harm. Even when we have to deal with the dark Ones, we do it from a
position of loving all souls. Whatever levels they are at their Light
cannot be extinguished, and we bless them for being part of the great
experiment that you all agreed to take part in. We are not here to judge
anyone, and we know that very soul will one day fully return to the

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope that you can stay focused on the
bright future that will take you out of duality. To be in the higher
dimensions will be dreamlike compared to what you are experiencing now.
There is absolutely no comparison and that is why words are so
inadequate. To be in an that is all embracing and is so peaceful
and joyful is your right, and for too long you have been held back by
those who have lost their ability to love themselves, let alone others.
They are souls who have become so separated from God, they have lost
their compassion and love for all other souls. It is the Light and Love
that will eventually lift them up, and in their own way they need it
more than those who have already become aware of their Godself.

Thank you SaLuSa.
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