From Steve: This month the
group spoke of the expanding universe.  We have recently discovered
that the universe is not acting in a normal way.  If the big bang
theory is correct then the stars moving away from each other should be
slowing down.  It was recently discovered that they are in fact
speeding up. The group addressed all of that in this channel and put
into context of what they say is happening to our universe as a result
of Earth&;s expansion.

They also brought it
down to a personal level and spoke of what we would be doing in the
near future with our energetic bodies.  The next leg of our work will
be about focusing on Expansion through Harmonic Resonance.   They want
this out as soon as I can get it into a class so watch for an online
course soon.  They gave several illustrations in the channel but
basically it is what happens to many people when they leave their
bodies.  They return to their native energetic form and it is huge and
ever expanding as they become one with the universe.  That will
happen to each of us as we learn to us use the new tools of expansion
through .  We will learn to walk in that all
the time. 

The group told me two days
before about the topic and I was very nervous about it as some of
these concepts are very difficult to translate in to human terms.  But
I think I did pretty well but the group got a little flustered when
they asked me to use my hands to illustrate a fifth dimensional motion
that does not fully exist in our dimension.  Even though I was
talking trying to explain what they were trying to illustrate we were
all laughing inside.

As always it was full of that special love from the group. 

Have a great month!


(You can watch the video of this channeling here)

Greetings from Home

Breakthrough between Dimensions

is moving very, very quickly, for you are starting to experience new
perceptions all around you. You are starting to change your
perceptions because of your heightened view. We wish to share with you
this day what this view is like, and what you will be experiencing
with your energetic and physical bodies as the Earth changes. First,
let us speak of the Universe as a whole for there is a very interesting
thing that is taking place right now. Many of you and your scientists
believe the Earth began at the Big Bang. The reason it is called the
Big Bang is that there was a central location point from which
everything expanded in all directions. It is very easy for your
scientists to measure that and to see what happened. We tell you it was
not a big bang, but instead it was a breakthrough between one
dimension and another that created something very magical. This
happened several times throughout the history of the Universe, but in
your dimension you have perceive only one of these events.

Big Bang and the Expanding Universe

tell you this because of the events currently taking place on planet
Earth.  Everything on Earth has been about ebb and flow, the breath in
and the breath out. Many of you have noticed that at times it is
called The Breath of God, the inhale and the exhale. In between each
one of those breaths there is something called a still point, or a
moment of transition. If you throw a ball in the air, it goes in an
upward motion but then it hits a still point before it returns to
Earth. That is typical of most of your sciences and what you call laws
of physics on Earth. We tell you this because what we are about to
describe to you does not follow those laws. There is a very important
reason for this, because your point of perception only allows you to
see a very limited range of the entire picture. This is why your
sciences believe that everything actually began from a central point
even though it did not. But for your purposes, tracking it through
your sciences and your perception, that is what you will see. Now,
here is the interesting part. As the Universe expands you would expect
it to slow down, but it is not and is actually speeding up. This is
only an illusion of your point of perception, for what is taking place
is that the in-breath of god has begun with the same motion of the
out-breath. The expansion has stopped and the Universe is now actually
coming back together as one. You are not aware of it because there
was no still point, no hesitation or pause between directions. What
takes place in this effect is that as you evolve and as the Universe
starts to expand with that same motion, it begins to contract. (At this
point in the channel I attempted to illustrate a motion they were
showing me that goes in and out in one continuous sweep. It’s really
easy in 5D, but my hands kept hitting each other in 3D and they
responded.) It is very difficult for us to make this illustration work
in three dimensions. The movement creates a wave that shifts between
dimensions in one motion, and the same is happening with the Universe.

Personal Expansion

why is that important to even know? Because your physical bodies are
reacting exactly the same way. Your physical bodies and your energetic
bodies have also been expanding at an unbelievable rate. Part of the
challenge is that you have managed to learn how to control your energy
field and keep it in, in order for you to get along on this planet.
It is very easy to see. If you go to a place where there is a lot of
traffic, a lot of confusion—almost any airport or train station—you
will see everybody pulling in their as tightly as they
can so they can get through without any problems. People are focused
on where they are going and concentrating on pulling their energy
field in so they do not have to interact or feel. It is how you have
learned to survive energetically.

As a result of this over
very long periods of time, humans have learned to contain their energy
fields as part of being a human. . . it is expected. Now, as the
direction begins anew, those restrictions must be lifted and your
field must expand in order to let you release the body templates you
have had for the duration of the Game. You have specifically had one
of 500 templates that you have chosen to house your energy inside of a
human body. The templates have been serving you well because they
gave you a base, or a jar to put your energy in so to speak. It worked
because all humans are directly traceable to one of those 500
templates.  Soon you will no longer be restricted by those templates
and it will be due to this expansion.

It can work either to
expand your energy field to release your template, or you can release
your template to expand your energy field.  You are going to learn
how to walk in your full energy field while still in the physical
body. You will learn how to use your energy field in ways you never
thought possible. We tell you that this has never happened throughout
the Universe. There have been many games that have reached incredible
levels of vibration, technical knowledge and what you would call
advancement, yet none of them have gone from one level to the next
consciously. That is what is now taking place. It is exciting and
scary at the same time for many of you, because that glass jar that
has held your energy and given you shape and form is being released.
Naturally this will hit many of you as a fear or an uncomfortable
situation, because you will tend to lose some of your personality or
form and energy.  You will find some things that work and other things
that do not work. Then, after a very short time, you will settle into a
new template of your own design because you are no longer limited to
only 500 templates. You can make up as many templates as you want,
and can customize your own container for your energy.

away you are thinking of the physical body and saying, “Good. I can
finally get rid of this weight and look 20 years younger.” We are not
talking about physical looks here, but rather harmonics you find
within your body. We are talking about energetic structures which
allow you to carry more of your spirit in your physical body and
consciously work with that spirit.

From Automatic to Semi-Automatic

of the keys you will be working with we have mentioned before, but it
is important to reiterate here. Many of your functions are on
automatic and have been so to basically ensure your survival on this
planet. But now many of those functions are switching off of
automatic. Humans have very little idea what it is going to be like to
be a conscious breather. You do not know what it is like to suddenly
take a breath, because you automatically take a breath. If you close
your eyes, your breathing starts automatically.

There will
be times when you are sitting watching TV, and you will suddenly
realize you are out of breath and will tell yourself to take one. Many
of these things that have been on automatic will begin to go on
semi-automatic and semi-consciousness, and we ask you to play with it.
These are the new controls you have over your energetic structure and
your new body, and the new templates that come with it. The earlier
you start understanding this and playing with these concepts and
ideas, the easier it will be for you to open the door and let others
follow you. That is what most of you have been here working with.

There are so many changes now taking place on planet Earth to make
space for empowered humans. There is so much excitement throughout the
Universe to watch as you make this shift and as you change everything
around you. We tell you something you have known for a long time, but
it will become increasingly important in the days ahead.

Matter is floating freely throughout the Universe at every moment, but
when you have an matter finds its way to that
and creates things in your world. Everything you thought and
everything that exists in your world started first as a thought form.
You create energy out here, and matter will arrive and stick to it.
This is no secret, for it has been known throughout the Universe for
some time. However, humans are now taking the next step with this,
which means that you will become conscious creators instead of
unconscious creators. The first thing that will happen is that a lot of
the restrictions on your own creations will be removed. Many people
will move into fear over this, meaning people will try to use it and
abuse it…that is typically human. Once you get past those ups and
downs, you are going to find that your own thoughts create that energy
form much faster than you ever thought possible. Many of your thought
processes are now happening more quickly. The on planet
Earth are clarifying. Because you are working to clarify much of the
chatter, the innate energy that is all around you, you are learning to
take control of a whole new body. You are learning how to do something
differently, and to have an experience as a fully-empowered human
while still in a physical body.  There are certainly challenges that
come with this. Most of you will deal with ego adjustments somewhere
along the path.

There are all kinds of fun
little challenges you will experience on planet Earth as a result of
this, and we are very confident you will find the answers to those
challenges. We are simply trying to make you aware that it is coming,
because it is like a freight train moving at top speed now and there
is no stopping it. You have already moved into the fifth dimension,
and now you are simply learning how it works. You are learning how to
use it every day, learning how to create your reality and heaven on
Earth right here, right now. All of this is unwritten so please, when
you find something that works, share it. Do not say, “I have the
answer.” but rather, “I have an answer.”

Harmonic Resonance

is one final piece we wish to add this day because it will be an
important part of everything we are going to be working with you over
the next two years. That is the expanding energy field of your own.
When you expand your energy field, there is something very magical
that happens. Let us go back to the person in the train station who is
constantly trying to close their energy field and just simply move
around without disturbing anyone…without disturbing any energy fields.
They feel safe when they do this. Why? Because you feel a
responsibility when you walk past another person and you have an
effect on them, so you have consciously learned to close down your
energy field. When you expand your energy field, it means that your
energy field matches with another. In fact, it is entirely impossible
for energy fields to completely overlap and envelop each other, which
brings us to the next key to your existence on planet Earth.

All of it is going to be about harmonics, how you form harmonies and
harmonic resonance on this planet. We will share with you some very
basic ideas, but we will also show you some of the intentional
possibilities that you have created for yourself as this moves
forward. Some of it is very simple, so learn to use it and once you
understand the potentials you will see how many areas this newly
perceived gift will be able to help.

We will
give you an illustration: Right outside of this building on the street
is a very difficult turn that the Keeper likes to take into the back
parking lot when he arrives here. It is quite often a dangerous turn,
because people are often too close and could easily hit the back of
his car before he can turn. Now what he begins to harmonize is the
energy of that situation miles before he reaches it. Then when he
arrives there is always an opening for him to turn, because he
harmonizes with the before he gets there. He knows
perfectly well that when he puts on the blinker to make that left
turn, there will be no one behind him for he has created the space
ahead in time. It is entirely possible for you to set your vibration
and let matter gather around it to create a harmony with your energy in
any situation. No one can match all vibrations directly, but one can
through harmonics.  This will help you create your reality much
faster, much quicker, more directly and on purpose than you have ever
done on this planet. It is a tool that you will use for the creation
of Heaven on Earth.

We have told you some of the exciting
things to look for and the wonderful pieces each that every one of you
is going to be. But harmonics on this planet are going to be huge for
you as you expand your fields, for the simple reason that you are no
longer able to leave everyone else out of your life experience. You
are a part of each and every one of these people that you pass and now
you will start to know that. Obviously, this is going to raise
emotions in many and cause challenges at some point, but the
incredible gifts that come from this are unbelievable. You have not
imagined the incredible possibilities that can come from this type of
expansion. Your expansion and your safety and comfort in that expansion
will have to do with your ability to comfortably harmonize.

Harmonics are simple. Let us give you another illustration so you
know exactly what we are talking about. Let us say that you walk into
this room and nobody is here. You turn the lights on, look around so
you say, “Well, I have five minutes to kill. I’ll just take a seat.” At
that point you own every part of that room with your vibration,
because your vibration fills no matter how big the room is. Now what
happens when somebody else walks in the room? Immediately, even if you
are not aware of them, you do become aware that your energy has
changed in that room because as soon as they walk in, you have a
disharmonic reaction going on in your field. The first thing you have
to do is open your eyes, see the person, make a connection with them
to form a harmony of your energetics. That is done automatically and
has been that way for a long time. That is one of the elements that is
coming off of automatic into consciousness right away. Your control of
your energy field is no longer automatic. If you let it, if you do
not consciously expand it at this point, it will shrink and you will
hold that energy field only inches away from your body. What a waste
that is, because there is so much love in the Universe you could be

Feeling Vulnerable and Powerful

you start expanding your energy field, of course you will feel
unsafe, but you will also learn how to harmonize different parts of
your energy field. You will learn how to let disharmony and discordant
energy inside your energy field without letting it affect you. To do
this, it was very important for you to have your energetic boundaries
in place, not only know who you are but to know who you are not. Stop
trying to be everything. It is helpful for you to know your part and
your place in this Universe at this point during this expansion. But
the expansion of your own personal energy field and the release of
your physical templates is at hand right now. We tell you also there
is also much going on, for the Earth is going through a cycle. All of
humanity is going through a cycle…the sun, the moon, the planetary
alignments have gone through a cycle and one that you have gone
through on this planet several times. Typically, it has led to
difficulties and harmonics breaking apart systems that did not work.
We are telling you that this time, it can be different. You do not
have to have all your systems break apart in order to correct this and
go to the next level. Now this is possible, especially if you own the
power of your expansive energy field. If you have ever known anyone
who has gone through a death experience or what you call a near death
experience, almost always one of the first things they feel when they
are rid of the body is this beautiful expansion of light. How huge and
tremendous they really are. It is now possible to feel that without
dying. It is now possible to walk in that energy every single day.

As far as the emotions, that is where you healers come in. That is
where the teachers and the healers of this planet are really going to
help, because any change of this magnitude is going to bring fear. It
is going to bring exposure and all of those things humans typically
fear because you will lose a little bit of your solidity. You will lose
a little bit of your safety in that expansion. As that expands, you
will learn new techniques in harmonizing, in making harmonies throughout
the world. What are you doing when you harmonize? Are you actually
altering yourself just to fit in? Are you going to become them and not
you? Are you going to actually lose yourself? That is the reason to
have healthy boundaries in place before you begin expanding. If you
know who you are, if you know where your boundaries are and you know
those pieces, you can expand without losing the boundaries. You can
expand and use the energy instead of fighting against it.

it is a Game and now you are going to learn how to play the same Game
from a higher perspective. We can tell you the rules are changing. but
we cannot tell you exactly how you are going to do it. Dear ones,
re-member you live on the planet of free choice and whatever you do, it
will work. We are so excited to watch what is taking place on this
planet. Not just us, but the eyes of the Universe are on planet Earth
right now. This has not happened before. Congratulations! You have won
the Game.

Now all we ask you to do is that as you find these
new pieces, reach out and share it with the people around you. It does
not have to be perfect. The paradigm of teachers has changed. You do
not have to be a master to teach any more, you simply have to have the
desire to want the knowledge and search for it together with your
students instead of leading them along the way. Everything is starting
to shift as we learn how to blend together and start removing all
these illusions of separation between humans on planet Earth. This is
the time of no more secrets. This is the time where we can clearly see
into each other’s hearts as well as each other’s minds. This is the
time for each of us to fall in love with humanity

It is with
the greatest of honor that we share this information with you. It is
our honor because we have been sharing it for a very long time. It is
only recently that you have been able to hear it. Welcome Home, dear
ones. You are creating it right now with your love on planet Earth.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little
reminders—to treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one
another and help each other every chance you get especially when you
find that harmonic. Do not forget that you are playing a beautiful game
of pretending to be a human and play well together.


The group

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