Illawarra District, , August 9, 2010.
Midwayer Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Segmented Time.”

Received by George Barnard.

Chief Bzutu: “It was good to quietly stand by as a dear friend and
colleague gave you some information about the Angels of the Churches,
the Midwayers attached to that contingent, and what their function is. I
suggested that Progress won ‘the battle’ by being granted the use of
the 11:11 prompts against the advice of those of the Churches, but then
it was obvious that something had to be done worldwide to get you to
begin to take notice of us. The 11:11 prompt is all we can humanly do
to alert you to the fact that we are here, waiting to help you, assist
you, teach you, associate with you. And when I say humanly possible, I
mean this to be from your point of view — from the point of view of
what you will be able to handle without being frightened right out of
your wits.

“For those who are new to the messages that come through the 11:11
Progress Group, which will soon be celebrating its tenth year of
existence, I wish to explain that time can be seen as multiple
dimensions in which various creatures can exist. Time is segmented.
For comparison, imagine that you are standing in a grassy field.
Imagine that you can see at its perimeter, some small bushes. Imagine
that far beyond these shrubs you can still see a forest of tall trees,
and know that beyond these trees is the horizon, where you can see
nothing at all.

You, the human individuals, are standing there in the grassy field
and with some difficulty you may glimpse us, the Secondary Midwayers.
We are moving about, being busy at our work behind these bushes.
Further away among and behind the trees are the Primary Midwayers and
your Guardian Angels, and way over the horizon are countless hundreds of
thousands of other invisible creatures you will not be able to see
until after you have left the Mansion Worlds of correction and further
learning. It is in this fashion that I want to explain time to you. In
the space you occupy, you cannot discern what is hidden from you, or
what is over the horizon.

“Time, also, hides from you many of its segments. In this
multidimensional ‘product that is time’ it is already difficulty for you
to discern the Secondary Midwayers I portrayed as being at their tasks
behind the dense bushes. In their specific time-frame it is even more
difficult for you to discern the Primary Midwayers and Guardian Angels,
which seemingly move stealthily through the forest far beyond the
shrubs. And it is over the horizon that the
even-further-distant-in-time celestials of all kinds reside.

“By 11:11 prompting you, we invite you to contact us, but as you are
quite incapable of speaking to someone on the other side of the world
without a communication device, you also need to equip yourself with the
ability to speak to us, and learn much from us, as we are very much
more experienced than you are. The equipment that you need is not of a
hardware nature. It is something that you already carry within you,
perhaps scantily developed at this time. The equipment that you need to
develop is the deep-down soul-felt wish to make contact. It is your
ability to still your mind, your ability to meditate, your ability to
visualize, and your wish to contribute and heal your world and kin.

“In this fashion we can draw close, since we can meet you more than
halfway. And together we can make a greater success of your lives, too
— whatever it is you wish to achieve. I am pleased that during the
last few days you have gathered a slightly different view on those of
the Churches and the important work they do. For now I say thank you
for listening to my pep talk, for accepting the concepts that I throw at
you, for being totally relaxed in this exercise, and prepared to spend
time with us for the benefit of all.

“This is ABC-22. I say au revoir for now.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”