I’m always pleasantly surprised when Life hands me unexpected stuff of a positive nature. Sure, the other stuff needs to  be gracefully accepted also, but let’s face it: I have a bit more difficulty with that. But today, a pleasant event was slated, and I never knew it until it was colliding with me, literally!

Due to work in progress at , I have to take a bus to traverse a stretch of about half an hour, which the train currently cannot cover. Always first out of the train, and aided by long, strong legs, I arrived at the bus, and found my favorite front seat still available. I sat at the window, which isn’t my favorite, because I wouldn’t want to create the impression that the other seat was unavailable.

Lots of other people entered the bus, but most found free seats further in the back. Then this lady came and gestured that she wanted to sit next to me. I waved her in, and she sat down, without us actually having spoken. I’d have said yes to anybody, but somehow I preferred it to be her. The bus departed, and there we sat, shoulder to shoulder. You know how the movement of the bus kinda creates a dialog between two shoulders next to one another? I noticed it, but kept looking around pretending not to notice.

But then, the dynamics of the movement changed. Suddenly, it was more of a constant contact, and as I looked to my left I found out why: the lady had fallen asleep with her golden locks on my left shoulder! I figured she’s probably needed it, and left her there until the bus arrived at Arnhem station.

Only when I quietly woke her, did we finally meet: her a big bundle of embarrasment, for having slept against a total stranger. Me trying to convince her I really didn’t mind. She came from San Fransisco, and so was a long way from home. Knowing the total chaos around Arnhem station at this very moment, I walked her to her next bus, which was waiting on the other side of the station. After an almost formal handshake, we split up. and I went to the train that would take me home.

Not that I’m such a good guy, but it seemed the right thing to do.  As far as that goes, I make it a point not to restrict my helpfulness to those I know. For you never know who might become important in your life, or which role they will play….

Love your Strangers,