Dear Ones,

Commemoration of the is
warranted at this powerful moment in history. During the two days of
August 16 and 17, 1987, a planetary alignment developed into a
revolution of time. As the ancient prophecies were set into motion, the
transformation of the earth and her peoples began to accelerate. Since
that time, the ability for conscious awareness of the Oneness within
all things is more available and the acceptance of the quickening flow
of in daily life has become normal.

As if to celebrate
the power of this , greater solar activity has resulted in
abundant displays of the aurora borealis. Increased electromagnetic
surges have not only been evident in the heavens, you may also have
noticed your has been affected. This is true of
the synapses within your brain as well. Sparks of energy are being
activated within the cerebellum and there has been an increase in the
flow of cerebral spinal fluid. As Without, So Within is the name of the
game afoot. The transformational times in which you live are fraught
with myriad opportunities for acceleration of consciousness within your
life, as long as you do not fear change.

The energy available at
this time can be used for a massive shift in consciousness globally as
well. There is an obvious increase in your awareness on many levels,
and the interpretation you make about what you are experiencing and
what is going on in the world, holds great power. It is vitally
important to remember that you are co-creating a new earth so that fact
is in the forefront of your awareness. This will help you navigate the
huge waves of energy as they create change within and around all
beings on the earth. Your interpretation of these shifts can be a
revelation for Infinite Possibilities and Benevolent Outcomes when held
in that framework, or catastrophic disaster.

When you take time
to find inner stillness, you can hold your positive focus, even within
what may feel like, the Eye of your Personal Hurricane. You may then
consciously direct these powerful forces of energy in ways that provide
greater harmony in your life, in spite of the great change taking

During this time in August, the Harmonic Convergence of
1987 ushered in a new era of accelerated growth and change. People now
have the directive of choice when deciding how to interpret the energy
in motion within their lives. A spacious, more flexible attitude allows
greater possibility to exist as the surges of change hit your life.
Centering within your heart helps you resonate with the Divine Love
that is active in the powerful Light energy hitting the planet now. Use
this force of Divine Light to guide your way through the apparent
darkness of unknown outcomes. Let the Divine Love inherent in the
energy of Light lift you to a place of inner clarity where you know you
are being blessed and guided in every moment. Never doubt the massive
support available to all through these periods of transformation.

into the Light of a Graceful Spirit in your heart. Let this presence
release you from fear so you can soar on the wings of Angels. Surrender
into the depth of the love that is here for you. When you breathe
deeply, you can receive the light and know you are empowered to fly. In
all times you can find grace, when you allow the Light of Truth to
expand within you.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long
as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the
work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.