Posted: 05 Aug 2010 11:26 AM PDT

Channeled for Life by

Dear Ones,

You are not alone. Of course, that is extremely difficult for you to
comprehend as you move so slowly, in your time frames, through your

Perhaps you feel as if you have been slugging through the mire for
ages. In a sense you have. For indeed prior to this New Age transition,
the format has been: create some karma, exit the earth, create a new
earth life in which to work out your past karma and then create new
karma. A never-ending cycle of work, or if you like, pain.

You have read over and over again how you must clear yourself of
karma and that even as you do so, you are again creating new karma no
matter how diligently you feel you are living a “good and appropriate”
life. Do such thoughts indicate that you are bad, an ongoing sinner?
Please place those thoughts in the power needs of the church of
yesterday and you will understand the need for such thoughts until the
church was ready to evolve.

Let us be more explicit. The church was designed on the mother,
father, children model that you most often use to describe a family.
Father or God had complete control. Mother or Mary was the
tender-hearted mom who helped you even when God or father was angry at
you. You have played the role of child for – to allow you to move
through control and power issues.

You have completed those lessons. Your karma is no more. Never again
will you return to earth to solve some dilemma that you set up in the
Old Age. Those painful lessons and memories are over. By the same token,
you no longer need or want an all-powerful father figure telling you
how to live your life or having life and death control over you. You
have graduated or more to the point for this discussion, you have left

Will you make “mistakes?” Of course, just as is true for any child
leaving the nest. But will the ramifications for those mistakes be the
same? No, for your perceptions and needs have evolved as  is indicated
by your movement into .

You no longer want to learn your lessons in pain – that is of the Old
Age. Therefore, you no longer need to have any group – whether that
group be the government, the church or your family – outlining what is
right or wrong for you and creating punishments that fit their needs.

Do you see how appropriate heaven and hell would be if the church
wanted to control parishioners? Do you see how appropriate laws would be
if government had a need to control the people? Do you see how right
and wrong would be appropriate for any family setting in which the
parents needed to maintain control?

Those controls, those needs are dissolving much more rapidly than
even we expected. But the net result of that freedom from being wrong or
doing wrong, is a loneliness that is difficult for you to describe.

You have maintained your religious, governmental and societal
guidelines for eons. Even though you often did not like those
guidelines, they did provide you with a sense of rightness. If you
married the right person, you were given accolades. If you offered
services to your church, you were given accolades. If you followed the
laws, you were given accolades. The Old Age rules set you free at the
same time that they were imprisoning you. For those rules were not
designed for or by you, but rather by the institution that needed to
perpetuate itself.

Now that you are an adult, you will create your own rules. But that
brings us to our original thought. Leaving home, becoming an adult can
be lonely. That is what you are currently experiencing. In essence, you
are buying and furnishing your own home in the city of your choice and
you would love to have your parents tell you what is right for them, so
you would know what is right for you.

Such is no longer possible. The small piece that remains of the Old
Age you is pinning for that direction – at the same time that the New
Age you is screaming to be free.

Do you understand that you cannot have close friends telling you what
to do, until you know enough about yourself to move forward without
their input? This is a complicated concept that we wish for you to
process slowly. You are looking for friends and relatives who will tell
you that you are moving in the right direction – while at the same time,
you do not want anyone telling you what to do. Even if someone were to
pop into your life who was willing to create a life plan for you, you
would soon toss that plan by the wayside.

The New Age is about freedom. A concept you are just starting to
understand and accept. Freedom to cherish yourself. Freedom to make your
own decisions. The freedom to be.

Freedom is an extremely difficult arena for you right now, because
you have been trained for eons to listen to and follow whatever
grouping, including friends, you construed to be of import to you. Never
before have you created your own life, with your own policies. That
special freedom has always been given to someone or something out there.

There is no longer anyone out there providing the answers you want.
That is your loneliness. More to the point, that is your freedom.
Friends and family will return. You are one after all. But they will
return only after you have discovered your own freedoms and joy.

Are we telling you that you may be lonely for a time? Yes. Not
because we or God are punishing you, but because you want to find out
who you are without the comfortable restrictions your society has placed
on you for eons. Does that mean you should negate the friends you have?
Of course not. Merely that they will not feel as close as you would
like them to feel until you have found yourself.

Do not fret. You have not been abandoned. You have been set free.

Like parents who have every confidence that their child can handle
the world without them, we tell you from the depth of our being – you
are fine, you are strong and you are capable. Go find yourself and you
will find others that think and act as you do. Negate finding yourself
and you will continue the relationships you have at this time.

Do not be frightened. You are fully capable. You are a complete,
strong and wonderfully evolving human. Allow that thought to drape you
in warmth and then allow yourself to set out on your journey of
discovering yourself. What a wonderful time for you. What a wonderful
time for the Universe. So be it. Amen.

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