Welcome.  We are the Pleiadian energies.   We come to fill in
the spaces in your life, in you heart, in your thinking, and even
in-between the letters and energies of your names.  All of you have
shown great potential.  You show signs of not being consumed with the
stoppages and the startings of life. 

As the summer fans herself
in the heat of transmutation, you will all begin the arduous task of
casting away parts of yourself that you still hold onto, parts of
yourself you once identified with. As you cast these very heavy nets of
self, you may start “throwing stones in the direction of others’
blaming them for all of your choices, beginnings and endings”. 

fingers at parents and siblings aunts and uncles. Hosting the blame
game on your very own network of ‘poor me’. As you begin this dialogue
with cells and universe and memory, you will push and alienate those
who once had a place in your heart, throwing out the baby with the bath
water. You will find yourself emotionally stranded upon an island of
self, creating from empty spaces in your heart.

The haze from
your eyes will be lifted so that you will be able to see the past
potential within every ingredient and choice of your life.  Every
failure, every success, every loss, and every gain will fuel the fires
of transmutation.  Finally opening your eyes to fully understand what
the word ‘Creation’ means and how it takes all elements and all choices
to fully create as a God-in training- without fear.  Your choices that
seem so limited today are vast future potentials disguised with a veil
of invisibility, a sub-atomic membrane that surrounds what is not yet

It is said by many that there are secret chambers
within the and within many sacred sites.  Yet using all
scientific instruments of the day, nothing can be found. Yet millions
of people continue to search because innately they know it is true.  It
is hidden from the eye of the beholder,  but it is not hidden from the
eye of the future and the eyes of the past. 

It is the same with
you dear ones. You feel every thing around you beginning to take form,
offering you new opportunities, new understandings, and yet, you see
it not with the eyes of your humanness.  You know it is there because
you can feel it.  It silently breathes upon you; it fogs up the lenses
of your eyes.  Nevertheless, it avoids your touch.  You look deeply at
your world and you see nothing.  Yet, you feel it with every inch of
your body.  The invisible is alive and kicking, but it cannot be seen
as with all the great secrets of life. 

You are straddling the
boundaries of the formed and the unformed.  You visit the land of the
void and you bring back creations from that land, but they are
invisible in the now, the present.  Yet you know you held them in your
hand as you came across the boundaries of the formed and the
UN-formed.  In the present vibration of earth they cannot be seen.  You
wait with bated breath for the next level of so that you can
see all that you have not seen, all that you have not dreamed, and all
that you cannot capture in a picture, in a thought, in a hand-full. 

sensories are being unveiled, but you trust them not.  You trust not
what you see internally because you do not see it externally.  You
trust not what the heart tells you for the mind is in command and the
brain is of your ship, or so it seems.  You trust not the
feelings that come to you, that wrap around you, and slink by you.  You
trust not the touchings, the promptings, and the yearnings of your
sensories because they cannot be depicted as tangible, as material, as
3rd dimensional. 

You all enter a doorway that is so much more
than you can understand.  As a castaway on your island of light,
reformat what is tangible, re-examine what you ‘can’ see.  Look
in-between the letters of your name.  Look in-between the vowels of your
life.  And look in-between the consonants of your expectations.  Just
for a moment, focus upon your name; see it etched in the mind.  Now
in-between every letter, there is another letter, a vibration, a
sound.  It is the name of your soul that is etched in-between your
human name.  Look for it.  It will explain much to you.  In-between is
where you are right now. 

You are not formulated.  You are not
your past.  You are not future.  And in truth, you are not your NOW. 
Because there is no ‘now’.  This metaphysical rhetoric of ‘now’ does
not exist in the higher planes of energy.  Everything that you see has
already passed.  The images your eyes give you are of the past.  The
thoughts your mind gives you are of the past.   So there is no present,
as you know it.  As you grasp for the present, it immediately becomes
obsolete and the past. 

You are moving quickly through time
gates of self.  You are at the octave in-between these next levels of
self, of soul, and of expansion.  You are the unformed clay upon the
potter of life’s wheel.  You are the chrysalis, you are the cocoon, and
you are all that is not formed.  And we ask you to become comfortable
in this.  For this will be the place of your future.  Do not expect to
go back and have your world solidified as it always has been for most
of your earthen existence.  You now enter a time of vaporous energy.  A
time where the ether, the ethereal is the doorway you enter day by
day, minute by minute, and experience by experience.  Do not bet upon
the horse that you can see, but bet upon the horse that is about to run
the next race. What is in front of your eyes is not as solid as it
appears.  Do not place all of your provisions upon the solidness that
you see.  You are all building rafts to escape what seems to own you. 

are building rafts out of parcels of thinking of the past, placing
your future self upon a raft venturing into unknown seas.  Venturing
onto unknown platforms.  Do not tie yourself to a raft of expectations
that cannot assist you into the higher realms of light.  Do not tie
yourself to your life as you have known it up until now, but allow it
to be birthed free of form, something that was impossible to accomplish
in the past. Throw out the expectations through the window of the old
self, let them go.  Allow yourself to ride the winds of change into a
newer shinier, less solid future. 

The human body will do much
to confuse you as you make choices that you feel are necessary for its
survival.  The human body can only re-live what has passed.  There is
nothing within the human physical continent that in actuality is
futuristic. Visualize yourself in a fog so thick you cannot see your
hand.  See your human body within that fog. The human body cannot see
the past, it cannot see what is behind it, and it cannot see the future
and so it panics.  As it panics, memories that are held within the
cell structure of the body come forth to draw your attention away from
what your original intent was.  Expect your humanness, to kick, to
scream, and to sidetrack you, as you become more comfortable with the

Know dear children that you are of the flesh of light
and you place the light into flesh.  You are of the flesh of God and
the flesh of the angels and the flesh of all that have ever existed. 
When one leaves their body on Earth, it is then poured back into the
reservoir of where all bodies are formed.

When the body begins
to hurt for no apparent reason, understand that in that moment of time,
that you have entered a portal of dimensional flux.  Every time the
body pains and hurts and suggests other actions, you are on the
threshold of a breakthrough.  Do not allow it to sidetrack you. Do not
allow it to push you backwards, paddling back to the island of thought
that you so yearned to leave.  You are paddling out to sea as
Christopher Columbus, not knowing what lies in the fog, but moving
forward regardless. 

You wear the fabric of the skin of your
ancestors, of Christ, of the good and the bad and the ugly that have
walked the Earth. Your flesh holds that memory.  You are the flesh of
all the angels that have walked the Earth.  You wear it within and
throughout your body.  Call upon the ascension particles of your body
to help you remember that it is capable of ascending into higher
light.  Before every individual left there was an energy signature that
was encoded upon earth that this can be done, that this was
accomplished.  Remember that anything that is accomplished by another
can also be accomplished by you.  Do not give up in your life.  Do not
give up in what you perceive to be the wantings and the needings of
your existence.  You have the capability to move past these perimeters
of limitation if you choose.  We are the Pleiadian Elders.  We leave.

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