Channeler : Samantha von Daniken – The Magicians Daughter
9th  August 2010

I am Lord Sananda
The Flower of your Life
I am Bartholomew Basher
The Child of the Genesis of Earth
The Coexistence of and Omega
The Generation Gap and the Field of Dreams
Perfected Oneness and the Mind of Holiness
I am the Blade of Grass and the Blade of the Sword
The Steely Cut and the Sharp Splice
I am the Armored Vehicle and the Armadillo Creatures Skin and Flesh
I am the Man Made Physical into the Perfect Body
And the Uncontaminated of Hopefulness Esperance
I am the Box of Tissues for the Streams of Tears and the Floods of Misery
I am the Soap Opera and the Sad Cinema
The Romance Defective
The Screen of Extravagance and the Illusion of Hope and Glory
The Real Truth Hidden in your Back Drawer
In the Vaulted Safe The Lies Undetected
And the Laying of the Hands Upon the Sacrificial and Defect Humans
Dying from their Polluted Thoughts and Ways of Living
I am the Swimming Pool of Grief and Sorrow
The Olympian Stroke to Crawl to the Finishing Line,
The Butterfly and the Breaststroke
The Stroke of Luck and the Pride of the Nation
The International Cartel and the Cartouche of Jokers
Dealing the Blows and the Backlash will be Forthcoming
Each and Every One of you will Need to Take a Stand to be Counted
As they Count the Numbers of Denominations and Council of Calculations
The Additional Service in the Morning of Prayers and the Evensong
And in the Coming Days
We Show you to Leave the Hard Work to the Task Masters
Watch the House of Jack Straw Tumble to the Ground
Eating their Hats 
Swallowing every Word of Guilt and Shame
The Crucial Procedure as One Black Carded Family is Discarded 
With Disruptive and Disconnect from the Social Scene
And the Powers that Be are Dethroned and Decapitated
The Heads will Fall
As we Rise to the Ascending Height
The Dust Settles to the Bottomless Pit of Inhumanity and Insanity
And as the Scum is Removed
And the Clarification of a New World Order is Instructed
Into the Infrastructure of the Pyramid of Power
We Bring Forth the Ecological Strength of the Go Greeners
The Gigantium Perfunctory List of New Ways and Understandings
The Furthermost Design and Invention
Now Reeled into the Limelight
And the Centre of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
We are Makers of Engineering and Design Cocreate
The Net of Art and Science Health and Wellbeing
To Ensure a Safe and Sound World of Wonder and Advancement
To Enjoy and Enhance your Soul Stream
The Futuristic Flow of Capital Repayment Refinance and Redemption
We Resolve to Reveal the Plan of Perseverance
The Courageous Souls Continuing
The Quest Against All Odds
To Transform the End of Enmity
The Unright and The Unfair
The Bound and the Boundless Rules of Chastisement
We Promise you All a Life Worth Living of Liquid Laughter
And Streamlined Superior Cantilevered System 
Adapted to your Personal needs
Flexible and Forthcoming
And in Your Hour of Need as the Days have Dragged By
In this Vacuum of Waiting and Anticipation
Of Fears and Failings
Of an Inability to Step Back
On the Ladder of the Fatal Mortality of the Current World Ways
We say now You Are Ready
For the Immortal Shift to the Ageless Being of Superseedance
And Suspension of Age and Antiquity
The Elevation of the 5th Dimension of the Extension of your Life Line
To Age Old Continuum
To Be Terminated only By Yourselves
Under Reasonable Expectance and Notice
We Offer you None Other than Our Lord Jesus Christ
As the Door Keeper and the Master of the Club
The Chairman of the Board of Angels and the Director of the Ashtar Fleet
And so We Lasso in the Trouble Makers and Begin their Trials of Independence
Their Means of Perpetuation
The Pain and the Torture will be Bought to an End
Once and For All
And Once we have these Matters of Greed and Contempt
Filtered Into Granular Sands of Memory Bank
The Banking System will Fall to its Knees
Needy and Neglectful of All of its Duties to its Customers Service
Unable to Maintain the Contract or Continue in Deceit
And So We Say Rest Assured
Those who have Inherited the Laurel Wreaths will Wear them Boldly
And Those that have Failed to Perform as Human Beings
And Acted as Parasites of the People
Will Begin a Long Discovery and Training to Regenerate their Souls
So Hold onto your Hats as the Winds of Change Blow Across Every Land
And these Currents Trends
You will Percieve the Domino Effect
Set to Topple the Numbered Players
The Pillars of Society
Eliminated from the Game of Life
Do Nothing
Watch and Wait and the Time will Come to Sigh the Breath of Relief
And Relax and Return
You are Working Alone Unaided and Unpaid
We Will Harness your Viewpoint and Service
All in Good Time
Continue at a Constant Pace
Keep up the Good Work