Imagine sitting in a comfortable inflatable raft, floating
downriver at a casual pace, taking in the nourishing sun, a cool breeze
and the sights and sounds of nature.  To move downstream, no effort or
navigation is required; one goes as the river goes.  In this river,
there is no chance of danger, no rapids to steer away from and no
deadly waterfall at the end of the journey.  It’s all safe, sound and

What makes this journey so interesting and exciting is
that you have not been down this river before and you have no idea what
awaits you around the bend.  And yet, each moment of the raft ride is
filled with the immensity of what nature has to offer.  The key to
enjoying this heightened experience, though, is just to relax and let
the raft and river take you on the journey.  There is literally nothing
to do, outside of just being aware of that which is.  It’s an
opportunity to “go with the flow.”

In the self-awareness of the
light, one experiences a feeling of “going with the flow,” much as one
would in the river.  In this awareness, the life experience is one
that seems to flow in and through one’s being.  This “flow” can be felt
as a very gentle and subtle nudge that guides one along life’s path. 
It is never forceful, yet if offers us the opportunity to live in our
highest way.  It steers us to where we need to go for our soul’s
experience and, ultimately, to our greatest fulfillment.

Just as
with the other qualities of the light, the flow is experienced when the
thinking mind has been sufficiently quieted.  While the thinking mind
can feel at times like a stormy sea, the flow is a calm and tranquil
experience generated through and by the soul.  While “flow” suggests
action, it is a perceived movement of the light that is pure and
peaceful.  In its nature, it is benevolent and leads us only to that
which is fulfilling on a soul level.

The flow is experienced in
the present.  It is the and light and guidance of the moment. 
It does not necessarily give us what lies ahead around the bend, so to
speak, nor does it dwell on that which has been already experienced
upriver.  The flow naturally brings to us that which is ours and that
which is needed for the experience our soul desires for us.  Whether it
is , shelter, ideas, resources, people, insight or guidance, the
flow contains all that is needed in the present for a complete life

By nature, the flow is abundant; it does not lack. 
Within the flow is the infinite intelligence of what is needed for the
situation at hand.  It may not meet the wants and projected desires of
the individual that come from a conditioned and thinking mind, but it
always provides what is projected from the soul or light level.  And, to
receive the abundance of the soul, one need only sit in the raft and
welcome all one naturally attracts.

This does not mean there will
be no physical action and/or thought in the process of living one’s
life.  However, what one needs to carry out the desires
of the soul will be there.  And, what ideas or information is needed
to live naturally will come as well.  Though the body and mind are
aspects of the light as well, they can be seen as tools for expressing
the desires of the soul.  There is great joy in physical movement and
mental exercise when it is expressed naturally from the light.

the analogy of the river, the flow is seen as through
water, much as light moves through the cosmos.  In the experience of
the flow through linear time, there is the sense of a connection
between and among all aspects of the flow.  The river, while composed
of many droplets of water, is one river flowing in a harmonious
manner.  The energy moving in and through the water is aware and
intelligent, just as the flow that is experienced by the human being. 
One need not dissect or analyze the flow to comprehend it.  Instead,
one needs only to surrender to it and allow it to do its “magic.”

with the flow involves complete trust in the nature of the flow.  The
flow is simply a quality of the light, which is the inherent goodness
of existence.  It is of the same fabric as all other characteristics of
the light, though perhaps it is described according to its nature of
movement.  While the thinking-mind is capable of interfering with the
flow, an awareness and acceptance of the flow will reject any potential
detours to the natural direction of the flow.  It is in the still and
quiet mind that the flow is ever so clearly experienced, and it is a
mind clear of fear and doubt that allows the flow to be expressed.

may have no funds, no food and no idea how nourishment may come one’s
way in the coming moments.  Perhaps the stomach is growling, and the
situation appears hopeless.  When one relies on the flow, there will be
some way that the needs will be addressed.  The infinite intelligence
knows all and sees all from the state within each of our physical
cells to the state of the grandest of universes.  With such knowledge
will come an inspiration, an opportunity or a situation that will bring
about the fulfillment of our needs.  Our duty as human beings is
simply to be open and responsive to that which is in the flow. 
Following the flow, by nature, brings us great joy and abundance. 

making the commitment to “going with the flow,” one knows that
“everything is going to be just fine.”  There is no need to worry for
tomorrow or fear that one will be without.  There is no lack in the
flow; it always takes care of itself.  Being of the light, we have no
need to be concerned in the least about any shortages in life.  The
flow knows us better than we know ourselves.

As another example,
imagine one is driving in the middle of a desert and suddenly the car
stops running.  What is one to do?  What about the threat of attack or
being stranded?  In this situation (and any other), one need only turn
to the flow to know what is the best action (or non-action) in the
moment.  Perhaps it is best just to sit and wait for a short period, as
there is a traveler on the way who can provide assistance.  While the
mind may not be aware of the help on the way, the infinite
intelligence does know and the soul may inform the stranded traveler to
stay put for the time being.

The flow is not limited to
so-called drastic situations only.  The flow is a way of life, a “place”
that we can call home and a force to which we can surrender.  It is
how we are meant to live, not to rely on the rational, thinking,
calculating and “common sense” mind only.  Some may call “going with the
flow” irresponsible and careless, yet there is no greater
responsibility than in relying on infinite intelligence to be the
of our life ship.  The flow naturally dictates where our life
goes in every moment and every situation.  When we live in the flow, the
flow is always in our awareness.  The flow is beyond thinking, yet
the flow can use our mental abilities to manifest in the mental and
physical realms.

Infinite intelligence knows our needs for the
span of our lifetime.  So, in the flow, it is entirely possible that we
will be guided to set up a savings account for use later in life. 
Or, it is just as likely to have us without any savings, knowing that
wealth will come our way through some unanticipated means later in
life.  In the flow, there is no “need to know” about all in advance. 
The present is sufficient unto itself.

Living in the flow is
easy, fun and joyful.  We do not need problem-filled lives
characterized by struggle, anxiety and worry.  We can rest in the
knowingness that we shall be carried along our path as if on a glorious
chariot, in this case, a chariot of light.  Or, if we prefer the
water, we can enjoy life’s journey by simply floating downstream.  The
only rule in life is no rule at all:  Go with the flow.