Consider the intelligence of the cosmos, the awareness of
existence, the knowledge of all that is.  It’s unimaginable to our
finite minds to even begin to wrap our arms around the infinite
awareness.  Even our current Internet is only an infinitesimal fraction
of the total knowledge in the cosmos, a relative speck of sand in all
of existence.  Infinite intelligence is the awareness of all that is,
ever was and ever shall be.  It is the totality of existence itself.

infinite intelligence can be viewed as a vast network of the
that is the cosmos, in which every facet of this energy is fully aware
of every other facet of this energy.  The stone on a mountain in
is fully aware of a single piece of dust in some faraway galaxy.  The
energy of the cosmos is self-aware to an infinitesimal degree.

human being is an aspect of this infinite intelligence.  As light and
energy, we are part of the fabric of existence, and we are existence
itself.  On a deep level, we are aware of every single shiver in every
atom of the cosmos.  We are aware of the butterfly that skirts across
the plains of and the baby seal being born in .  There
is nothing that escapes our reach as “members” of existence.

human beings, we are not equipped to be consciously aware of the
totality of infinite intelligence.  Our minds are capable of
processing the five-sense stimulations in our immediate environment and
to think and feel on a relatively limited level, with respect to the
enormity of all existence.  Fortunately, we are able to access infinite intelligence, much in a way we might look up a single fact on the Internet or in a large library.

is a process by which light, energy and information is “funneled” from
infinite intelligence down to decipherable bits in our conscious
awareness.  This process involves infinite intelligence, energy, the
soul, our mind-brain, thought and our conscious awareness. 

Each human being is a soul, which can be defined as the personification of light
The soul is as real or unreal as anything else in the cosmos, composed
of light/energy and vibrating at a specific vibration.  It is that
aspect of the ocean of existence that is our spiritual self, or what we
may call our infinite self.  And yet, it is of the one light and in
unity with all of existence.  Without the perception of separation in
the light, there is no actual soul, only pure and infinite light.

the purpose of seeing ourselves as a “spiritual identity” or
“spiritual personality,” let’s consider the soul as the accumulation of
our experiences of the light.  The soul is a little droplet of light,
if you will, that exists only in perception as a unique
identity, though it is fully of the light and the light itself.  In
other words, as a drop of ocean water in the ocean itself can be
perceived as a separate drop; the drop is the ocean itself and has all
of the qualities of the ocean.  Whether or not it is viewed as a drop is
simply a matter of perception.

The soul, being of light, is
infinite intelligence itself.  It is omniscient, which makes each human
being an omniscient being.  The soul has the ability to “scan”
infinite awareness and deliver to our minds, acting as receivers, that
which is of the highest good.  In a sense, the soul acts like a
, able to access all information and possibilities in an
instant, then deliver specific intelligence or to us.

can consider that the soul is personal in nature, being a
personification of the light.  The purpose of any soul is to
experience and to expand in awareness, so as to feed the cosmic
experience.  Each soul has its own “duty” of experience and will feed
the cosmos in its own unique way.  There is no judgment of the
experience, neither good nor bad, nor is any one person’s experience
deemed more or less important or more or less valuable than any other. 
We feed the cosmos an infinite variety of experiences and it feeds us
in return with all that it is.

The nature of the soul is that of
the light, and it is the light that seeks greater awareness.  Thus,
the soul moves us in a direction of growth (expansion of
consciousness).  The energy of the soul is benevolent, sustaining,
protecting and caring for us.  What it brings into our awareness is always
for our greatest benefit, regardless of appearances.  Being unique in
our soul “personification,” our soul will bring us experiences unique
from any other soul – and ultimately fulfilling.

The soul is the
“creator” of our reality, attracting to us that which suits the
infinite intelligence of the soul.  The soul works through the vehicle
of thought, which is of the light and of specific vibrations.  The
mind-brain is the receiver/transmitter that is capable of reading the
and converting it into thoughts and feelings for us to
experience in our conscious awareness.

The ability to be aware
of the light that has been transformed to thought/feeling is called
intuition.  It is through intuition that we are able to access infinite
intelligence and thus create a reality out of full awareness rather
than only the relatively infinitesimal awareness of our thinking

It is imperative that humans practice the stillness of
the thinking mind, for it is only in silence that we are able to “hear”
the voice of the soul.  It is the silence that also allows for the
free and natural expression of the soul energy, a sharing of that energy
back to and through the cosmos.  The human being that has mastered
stillness of the mind is well on the way to experiencing a divine and
magnificent sense of reality. 

Intuition is the still, small
voice that speaks from within.  It can be experienced through any of the
five senses and/or through a keen kinesthetic sense.  It is
unmistakable in its energetic feel, characterized by a frequency that
distinguishes it from “typical” thought or the chatter of the mind.

stories abound of intuitive nudgings that have bypassed the rational
mind, only to bring great benefit to those who are in the realm of the
expression of such thought.   Perhaps someone is alerted in the middle
of a deep sleep to awaken and check on a neighbor, only to find smoke
arising from the neighbor’s home.  Or, as a more common example, how
often have we escaped a near traffic collision, alerted by a thought
that seemingly comes out of nowhere?  Infinite intelligence sees all,
knows all and communicates to us instantly to create a reality with
respect to our soul awareness.

More common examples not
involving such dramatics may include guidance on where to live, what to
eat, what job to take, how to spend money or whether to call on a
friend.  Intuitive guidance is there for the asking in every situation, regardless of the perceived level of importance to us. 

can give us direction that comes without reasoning or understanding,
indicating, for example, that we should get in our car and start
driving east.  We are to follow these intuitive urgings and trust that
the infinite intelligence is aware on a more expansive level what the
purpose is in the trip.  Reasoning and understanding can be applied in

The curious among us may ask why infinite
intelligence does not give out in advance winning lottery numbers or
the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby.  Fortunes can be made!  This is
because the soul gives information and guidance relative to soul
growth, which does not necessarily mean financial growth.  The soul is
interested in experience and awareness, not necessarily the fattening
of the wallet.  The soul grants what is needed, not necessarily what
is wanted.

The human being is meant to live according to
infinite intelligence.  Like freedom, it is who we are and we have
every right to access it for our own well-being.  Living according to
our infinite awareness gives us a mountaintop experience like no
other.  It will grant us an experience that is a masterpiece of
reality.  Listening to and expressing the infinite intelligence through
the soul is the highest expression for a human being on this planet. 
It is what we are here to be, and it is what we are here to do.