The first , “I AM a light,” represents a
generalization of less understanding of the true power we are connected
to.  It’s like driving a car.  When we get in a car as young adults,
we are not fully aware of the power and weight of the car we are
driving.  All we care about is that we can drive and see our friends
and go places without our parents.  That’s okay however; we can have a
safer, more fun ride if we learn more about the car and what it takes
to drive it. 

In the second affirmation, “I AM standing in the
Light,” this shows a greater understanding of the broad power of what
we are connected to.  But in this affirmation, we are affirming that we
are standing.  Standing is okay however we don’t want to get stuck in
situations or and as such it is advised by Spirit to always be
walking.  Even though the “Light” is capitalized, we still don’t have
the highest understanding or connection here.

In the third
affirmation, “I AM walking in the Light,” we are walking, which is
excellent.  Movement, no matter what happens will help you find the
easiest path.

The fourth affirmation, “I AM The Light,” shows
understanding that there is only One light.  The Light.  And that we
have an understanding that we are connected as One with that One

So to raise the energy of our , we could go back and change them to this: 

“I AM The Light.”

“I AM walking in The Light.”

“I AM The Light.”

And you could add more like this:

“I AM expressing The Light in all that I do.”

“I AM conscious of The Light in my life.”

side note for those of you new to my work, I was taught to call forth
the name of God in my affirmations to have the highest energy so that
is why I capitalize “I AM.”

The reason that I was told to go
through those layers was to help some of you understand why some of
your prayers / affirmations are not working as well for you now as they
did before.  It is because our intentions to do more and be more here
on Earth has raised our energy (Yay!!) so intentions of anything less
than “The Light” will be lower than where we have already spiritually
ascended.  I hear someone say, “It doesn’t have to be that specific.” 
And that is correct, however we are here to assist those of you that
want to have the highest, easiest energy, the quickest way possible and
having this understanding will do that. 

Try this.  Say out loud “the light” and then say, “The Light.” Did you feel the difference?

spiritual-human beings in this Earth experience, we have been taught
that the light was where to be.  Taking that teaching a step higher now
that we are ascending, what does life being in The Light on Earth look

~ It is recognizing every day in what looks like a crazy world with disorder that everything is actually in Divine Order. 

~ It is a life where we see love in the simplest of things; a smile, a flower, a butterfly, etc. 

It is being able to be in amongst family, friends and co-workers and
not trying to fix them understanding that their Souls have complete
control over their experience as you do yours. 

~ It is the
recognition that if we heal and love ourselves, we are really healing
and loving all things because we are not separate. 

~ It is a
life that knows about our spiritual “home” but understands that we are
not really gone from that home and we will soon wake up; that there is
no need to long for that “home.”  We do what we need to do here in our
Earth dream and we will soon wake up with a lot to tell our spiritual

~ A life in The Light is peaceful as everything is happening now. 

is just an illusion that we are not always walking in The Light.  We
can have whatever experience we want in this place.  Even if we have
lost our job or our home, have health issues or bills to pay, we can
have The Light as part of our experience by calling it forth.  Then
this Light will be like a bright star constantly shining above us and
showing us things we couldn’t see before in the darkness.  These things
could be different options for the issues that we currently have in
our lives.  Or it could be showing us how strongly connected we are to
Spirit and convince us to believe in ourselves.  Or so many other
things.  Nothing remains hidden in The Light. 

Try this visualization: 

Close your eyes and take 3 long, slow, deep breaths. 

out your shoulders.  (Those of you that recognized the tightness
there, try to shake out your shoulders at least once a day as the
stress is being contained in the shoulders and makes it harder for you
to relax and breathe correctly.)  

With your eyes closed look up and see how strong the light is shining over your head. 

Now breathe in and say, “I AM connected to The Light.”

Now what does the light look like?

Breathe in The Light.

Open your eyes whenever you like.

you know what this is showing us?  It’s like we are Dorothy in “The
Wizard of Oz.” We have always had the power to make a stronger
connection ourselves.  It was never for us to wait for the connection
to be made on the other end.  We are the ones that are controlling our
experience.  And we can turn on The Light in our experience any time. 
Isn’t it time for you to be in The Light?

Walking with you in The Light,


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