Hi my extraordinary friend! Has feeling unmotivated these past
few months been a common theme in your life? Many of us have probably
not felt like our self at all lately! If you have been experiencing
this, not to worry as it has merely been a of the
major energetic processing we’ve been experiencing on the cellular
level from all the astrological and solar we
have been receiving pretty much on a !

Although all
these alignments are exciting and are vastly moving us forward as a
united people, it can get a bit wearing on the body, mind, and psyche.
When we are feeling tired physically and emotionally, it’s our body and
mind’s way of reminding us that they need to relax, so that we can
integrate with the and rejuvenate to an even more optimum
state than before! Isn’t it just amazing how divinely intelligent our
bodies really are? If we step back for a moment and just observe, it’s
absolutely miraculous!

So, where are we in this now moment? We
are in a time where our deepest passions in the most creative, personal,
spiritual, and even business oriented aspects of our lives are
re-awakening and taking center stage again. If you are not feeling
motivated yet, you will soon begin to feel like the fire within you has
been lit. You will notice a great deal of the distractions you were
experiencing these past few months quickly dissolve, clearing the way
for you to start focusing on sharing and bringing your gifts into the
world again, and this time it will feel even more graceful than before.
If you are feeling that inner pull to take inspired an action, then it’s
very important to honor this nudge within you at this time! A great
idea is to keep a journal near you at all times so that you can readily
write down any inspired ideas and creative insights that will serve as a
guide to anchoring the next chapter of your visions for your life!

this time, we might also notice in our lives and in the lives of those
around us that many chapters that needed resolution and closure will
happen. This closure could manifest in areas of relationships, career,
sending a child off to school, cleaning and simplifying our physical
space, and finally healing physical and/or emotional ailments that until
now just weren’t ready to let go. With these chapters of our lives
receiving closure, other brand new and exciting chapters begin.

a global level, watch for a progressive shift in the world’s monetary
system in the next few months, one that I know many of us have been
sensing and waiting to manifest for quite some time. Just know that with
these changes, a new more integrity-based system will soon follow. It’s
very important at this time for each one of us to go within, breathe,
and quiet ourselves from the outside world (news, gossip, dramatic TV
programs) as these are just forms of distractions that prolong what we
know is the eminent emergence of the new peaceful and heart-centered
world. When we turn off the outside noise as much as possible, we
quickly align back with the highest and most gentle path for us, which
makes life a much more joyous and miraculous experience.

that as we are processing all the current influx of energies, deeply
rooted wounds and belief systems that no longer serve us will come up to
the surface to be released. Sometimes these seeming obstacles or issues
seem so real we begin to identify with them, maybe even thinking all
the inner work we’ve done on ourselves hasn’t paid off, however I want
to invite you to look at these seeming challenges as blessings when they
arise within you, because now you know that this only means they are
ready to be released once and for all. An important part of this process
is to be willing to give yourself permission to let these energies go.
It’s in the instant recognition of this releasing process that we free
ourselves completely of all that no longer serves us, and moves us back
into the awareness that we are each a physical manifestation of
Unconditional Love!

With deepest heart-felt gratitude,

Miraculously yours,


©2010 Emmanuel , All Rights
Reserved – You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with
others as you feel guided! Thank you!