Every aspect of our life, with each , is an opportunity
for us to remember who we are within the context of our power, love and
. We don’t enter the world as powerless humans, we enter it as
humans who do not remember their power. Then we experience a series of
lessons whose purpose is to help us reconnect to our power and use it to
make powerful decisions and . To do this we have countless
teachers whose role in our life is to assist in the re-birthing process.

Everyone in our life is a and each one has a role in our
and reconnection journey. Some teachers can be challenging,
others are a joy to be with. Each one has a blessing for us as long as
we gain the understanding that they make available to us. The key is in
how long we take to understand the role our teachers play, make space in
our for their lessons and learn to take what we need and
to leave at the proper moment.

Lessons are often delivered in
confusing ways. The most powerful teachers are those who challenge us to
resolve the lessons within ourselves, forcing us to find the source of
our healing, peace, love and power from our own resources. They don’t
refuse to love us because we are unlovable, although that is what we
believe, their role is to get us to go within for whatever we are

When we can see our teachers in the light of who they
are, messengers who arrive in our life at the moment we are ready to
step into new energies and, what they are, our source to reconnection,
everything about our lessons change. Our teachers no longer seem so
intimidating and powerful. They do not have power over us as they are
simply holding an energetic space for us, waiting for us to step into
it. This week look at the various teachers in your life. What was their
blessing, what did they teach you about your re-birthing and how can you
empower yourself so you can release them?

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