There is no substance to the rumors that I have died, ascended, or been abducted by aliens. Here&;s what really happened . . .

If you tried to access the website last week, you, too, may have wondered why it had disappeared from cyberspace. I was wondering, too, continuously, as I worked my way through an ever-emerging list of technical problems.It all started when I realized that our ever-growing list of newsletter
subscribers was getting too large for the old Internet server computer.
Just last Sunday morning, the newsletter email run overloaded the
server’s resources and crashed no less than 4 times before the entire
run was completed.

It seemed like a good idea to upgrade to a newer, faster Internet
server. They do say that no good idea goes unpunished and, in this case,
whoever ‘they’ are, they were actually right.

One by one, the problems in getting the new server to work were solved,
but one last teaser remained unsolved for several days. If you tried to
order an later in the week, the website was up and running, but
you would have run into a blank wall with an error message whenever you
tried to complete the order.

Now, here’s where spiritual practices really helped with a physical
problem. Realizing that I was up against a deep mystery that was
disabling our website, I prayed for inspiration.

“Yes,” I said, “inspiration would be really wonderful right now.” Just
to make it even better, I also set the intention that I would be
inspired in ways that would resolve the situation quickly and easily.

I started trying workarounds which might have some chance of bypassing
the problem, even though I hadn’t been able to solve it. One of these
workarounds made things worse and it had a side-effect that made me have
to reload and reset some critical information.

There was no reason to suspect that resetting things back the way they
were a few minutes before would solve the problem, but it did.
Somewhere, deep in the system, lay a hidden file that must have been
corrupted until I reloaded it. Suddenly, to my astonishment, the e-book
ordering system worked again!

Inspiration is often a very quiet ally. It whispers rather than shouts.
It gives you ideas about what to do next without you necessarily
realizing that the idea came from the inspirational part of your soul

Soul consciousness is less limited than material consciousness. It sees
the of a situation and it can even see solutions that might never
pass the test of basic logic. Why would my resetting something that was
already set make any difference? And, yet, it made all the difference
in the world. That was the solution. My conscious mind, with a little
inspiration, had bumped right into the answer.

Now, here’s the good news. . .

With the e-book ordering system back online and running on the new
Internet server, it’s time for a 10-day sale. If you don’t already have
all the , now is a great time to make up the list at half-off

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