No, this is NOT about the things I’d do for a new love, for that is down to merely awaiting her at some time. No, today it’s about those that we already have in our lives, and sometimes take for granted in the struggle of "I’m not sure I have enough Love".

It was five o’clock when my alarm rang, so I’d have enough time to provide you beautiful people with some of what I find out there. Trivial activity really, because most of it is readily available with my next door neighbors, even to you. But you seem to it in one place, and thus there’s a hard core of Moorelifers, some of whom I know, but most of whom I don’t.

The coffee just filtered through, so let’s bring one in first, because for some reason my mouth tastes like the scrolls of the pharaohs, old and dried up…..

Sometimes, the things we do for love clash: hence the early update today: In little over an , I will have to be on a train, bound for the south. Normally a three train ride, it’s now smeared into three and a hours,  because of the construction chaos near Arnhem. Just to make it to my mum’s birthday. And mum being who she is, that’s a trip worth taking, even if it has me in trains and buses for about seven hours today.

Loaded with presents is a big word, but at least I have something for everyone: a digital photo with 200 family snapshots  for mum, two new keys for Dad’s safe, which  he couldn’t order himself because he doesn’t English, and the other adapters of my old laptop charger, for my brother. He has my old laptop, and is currently in the of turning it into a mean machine, as they say.

Once there, the pattern is quite predictable: coffee, some talking, dinner at noon, dishes (for me and mum), coffee, some more talking, and then the trip home again, with a bzxed lunch. Hardly exciting, except maybe for the question if and when Dad’s critical nature will pick on Mum again, with both her sons choosing her side. Because she has always been the real binding power in this family.

And Dad? Yeah, we love to hate him, but  isn’t that love just as well? He bosses her around, but oddly enough, she won’t leave him. And believe me, we tried! But it is her choice, which we all agreed to. But in the end, both me and my brother agree that Dad tought us just as much as Mum did, but his teaching style is different: he teaches by negative example, whereas Mum does it in the positive. Still, both of us picked up just about all good and bad examples of both, negating some to turn them into something good for us, which we later found out was also connected to something we considered bad in ourselves. Hence we have all the good and the bad of both parents, and something extra to boot.

My surrounding Web the does not seem to yield much this morning, so morning update will be meager. And because of that monster trip, any evening update will be . I wish you a  grand day today, pondering just how many things you do for Love, whether it be Love of yourself, or of others.

Carpe Diem,