Channeler: Erin Mackley

This is about Rainbow Consciousness.
Inside a rainbow, you will find many facets.  These are drops of water
reflecting the sun, and each have their own perspective.  They each
speak for your heart.  Can you see that?  Can you fathom that?  Look at
the picture of the rainbow.  Look at it and take in the energies of it.
 See yourself inside the rainbow, dancing!   For in your heart you are
that rainbow – it is light, and so are you, in your higher state.

Now, we are moving along the bridge – the bridge of consciousness, into Rainbow Consciousness!  The Bridge has opened.
Beautiful ones, take to heart that healing is in every drop of water in
the air.  Look at it this way – there is always moisture in the air –
unless you live in a very dry desert.  Even if there is little, there is
still some, some bit of water in the atmosphere. There is always
rainbows reflecting through these drops!  Dance with the drops and you
are dancing with rainbows wherever you are.  Always.
You know, beloveds, this is how it has always been??  Rainbows have
always been in your consciousness, energy, and soul. There is no breath,
you cannot breathe without it.  Without the full spectrum of light,
plants wilt and die.  Your soul cannot live without the Rainbow Light.
 There is no healing without the rainbow.  There is no love without the
rainbow.  You see, the rainbow has always existed.
Now what you have done here on earth is switch gears.  You went from
light to dark, like switching off a light bulb.  But you always had the
rainbow inside of you.  This is where the Promise of everlasting life
is, within your hearts.  Could you fathom living without Love?  Neither
can I.  I am not made up of nothing you know, there are cells and
molecules within my being.  I laugh and cry like you.  I have energy,
like you – like every living thing does that our Father-Mother God
Your heart and soul now has rainbow energy in high activity now, if you
wish it.  Just call on Adama and the city of Telos, and we will bring it
to you.  There is no more you have to do.  Take care, my beloveds.