That the infamous Butch Cassidy would choose the mystical
Altiplano of Bolivia to hide is less ironic than fated. The
pristine Andean high plane is a ‘crucible’, where hidden
truth implodes to discovery…. precisely the sort of place
where souls may run, but cannot hide. It cannot have been
otherwise, Butch.

Bolivia was a pilgrimage I had yearned to undertake for decades.

Sacred Altiplano:

Altiplano is home to some of the planets most sacred energies.
Containing numerous power points and pilgrimage sites, Bolivia is
dotted with towering volcanoes, spectacular jagged mountains,
mystical high planes, a massive snow-white salt desert (with
a hotel & chapel made of salt blocks), pre Colombian and
Incan ruins, jungles, and the highest lake in the world.
…And what a lake!

Lake Titicaca is globally recognized as a
potent sacred energy and has long been a pilgrimage site. It
hosts an incredible mega vortex, with an effective diameter
of between 120 and 175 kilometers. This vortex is balanced by
several powerful and pristine portals contained within its
fluctuating perimeters. One of the most powerful and unique is the
ruins of the ancient city of Tiajuanaco…Bolivia’s Machu Picchu!

like many of the planets ‘sacred ruins’ is located on a
major grid point. Its energy field is tangible …and the fabric of
life around it is indelibly affected. Located a few miles south
of Lake Titicaca, the ruins of ancient Tiahuanaco contain a
massive pyramid, beautiful stone temples, monoliths and a
wealth of indigenous legends of a mystical underground city
beneath its temples.

Incan and pre Colombian legends claim that
Tiajuanaco is an entrance to a vast underground labyrinth,
connecting the city to other sacred sites. Incan prophecy
tells of an upper world, and two ‘stages of underworlds,
dimensional realities existing in both physical and etheric form.
Several places in the Mountains are considered gateways
to these realms and doorways where emergence and entrance
are possible. The Temple complex of Tiajuanaco is said to be a
primary gateway to all three.

Tyb’s Journal: Arrival

2, 2003: The morning I arrived in LaPaz it was cold and rainy.
Thick clouds hid the magnificent snow-capped volcano called
Illuminati that towers 20,000 feet over the city. I was a
still bit stiff from a fitful sleep on the plane, as I exited
the terminal building and surveyed the horizons. I waved
down a radio taxi at the airport, and crawled inside. Then
the elevation took effect. The International airport in LaPaz
is the highest airport in the world, higher than Nepal, located
at an elevation of more than 13,400 feet! The resulting
lightheadedness was something I would experience for several

We drove to the inner city and after checking into my room, I
lay down for a 2-hour nap. I woke in early afternoon, to
find beaming. The view of the volcano from my hotel
room was splendid. Illimani was magnificent. The indigenous
people held it sacred and folklore deemed ‘her’ the
protective Goddess of LaPaz. Located in the base of a caldron
at an elevation of some 13,000 feet, LaPaz is the capital city of
Bolivia. At this elevation there is significantly less oxygen
available, and the altitude ‘adjustment’ created a slight
dizziness. I had to gasp for air about every thirty feet, as I
walked down the steps from my hotel room to reception. I
spoke to the clerk and made arrangements for a trip by car to
Tiajuanaco & Lake Titicaca. We would depart the next day
at 7 am.

The of :

The following
morning I felt refreshed. After a delicious breakfast of
fresh papaya, I made my way to the hotel exit and the waiting car
I had arranged. I greeted the , & stuffed my frame into
the small taxi, then watched the waking city roll past. The
next few days would pass inside the Titicaca vortex.

twenty minutes we exited bustling LaPaz to enter soft rolling
hill tundra, with tall blue peaks in the distant horizons. Twin spines
of the mighty Bolivian Andes towered up to 25,000 feet on
either side. The ‘cordilleras’ stood like jagged blue teeth
of a massive saw blade. Our road paralleled both columns, a
symmetrical seam that lay like a gray ribbon between the
splendid ridges.

Bolivia is often called the Tibet of South
America, and indeed this countryside could easily have fit
into the wind swept steppes of the Himalayas. While the
countryside was beautiful, there was a great tugging
intensity to the energy. Everything inside, every feeling & emotion
felt amplified, something I call the ‘crucible effect’.
Whatever issues one has, will surface here. A few days in the
altiplano, is like an emotional sauna! Perfect for

Tiahuanaco & the 3-3-3

My taxi driver
was a very humble and endearing gentleman named Edalio. He
was an indigenous, Incan descendent, and a tribesman of the Armaya
Indians. He had the swarthy leather complexion, and high olive
cheekbones typical of Bolivians of indigenous ancestry. I
liked him immediately. He was in his mid fifties, but had an
athletic gait and huge energy field about him. He projected
sincerity and honesty.

We began speaking about the sacred sites in
Bolivia and eventually about the sacred the portal of the
03-03-03. I was delighted to discover he was quite aware of
living Earth Energies. I was even more surprised to learn he
was aware that the 3-3-3- was locally being recognized as a
day of prayer.

Edalio told me of a sacred spring, reputed to give
health and protection to all that drank from it. It was
outside a small mountain village not too far off our path. I
needed a rest stop, so we decided to head there. The road
veered closer to the mountains and jagged granite outcroppings
were popping up on both sides. The spring was lovely. It was a small
cenote, a sunken artesian well, similar to those found in the
. The water was crystal clear. The energy around the
fountain was amassed, as is typical of springs, with the
concentrated energy of released anionic particles. The
‘energy pool’ was refreshing. As we rested, I looked at the
powder blue sky. Gliding silently overhead, three condors sailed
down a few thousand feet from the thermals they had been riding,
wanting a closer look. Their massive 7-foot wingspans looked
like black fingers. They weaved through one another in an
amazing spiral pattern. I was mesmerized by their grace and
presence. Condors and red eagles are not uncommon in this
area of the Andes. However, each sighting would be a grand
joy for me.

I relaxed and watched the magnificent birds for
several minutes until they drifted away from sight. We both
smiled as we climbed back into the taxi, and began rumbling
and bouncing downhill on the rocky earthen road to the
smoother paved tarmac. Onward to Tiahuanaco!

Energy of Place:

began to sense the energy of Tiajuanaco, as soon as we entered
the ‘bowl’ that encapsulated its energy. It felt very unique, very
ancient, and very separate from the energies I had felt at
Machu Picchu. Local tourist companies bill Tiahuanaco as the
Machu Pichu of Bolivia, but that is a monumental misnomer,
excuse the pun. While both hold very sacred energies, their
fields and roles are very different.

Machu Picchu is built on the
summit of an awesome telluric energy generator, virtually the
top of a pyramidal mountain, and that is much of why it was
chosen and remains such a vital power point. Tiajuanaco is
much older, and feels very different. It is one of two balanced male
energy centers of the Titicaca vortex, which are balanced male
and female energies. It was and is an entrance to a vast
tunneled underground world that operates on a
multidimensional level. It is connected to many sacred sites,
among them Egypt’s Karnac Temple, Easter Island and the San Francisco
Peaks of Arizona. Both of which have legends of underworld

The original site of Tiajuanaco is believed by some to
have been on the shores of Lake Titicaca, but now the waters
of the sacred lake lie some 12 miles away. Others contend
that the city was built before there was a lake at all. The
discovery of ‘lost cities’ under the waters of Lake Titicaca a
decade ago confirmed many mythical legends of an ancient
civilization built before the lake was formed to its current
massive volume. It also confirms some sort of cataclysmic earth
movement, and perhaps even the infamous flood that resulted
from the final sinking of Atlantis.

Entering the Sacred Grounds:

minutes out of LaPaz, we arrived at the Tiajuanaco ruins. As
we neared, Edalio slowed and turned smoothly onto the pebbled road
that was the entrance way. In front was an impressive, modern
visitor center ala museum. We pulled into the parking area,
and went inside to purchase our tickets. A photo gallery with
exhibits of statues and monuments are housed inside, along
with a walking tour explaining the various phases of the
ancient city.

According to information in the museum, ancient
Tiajuanaco ‘province’ was populated by some 300, 000
residents in its heyday. One third of who lived in the
capital and ‘suburbs’, with the remaining two thirds engaged
in farming, herding, and fishing within a 50 kilometer radius
of the core of Tiahuanaco.

The Temple core of the city was said
to be a sacred center, surrounded by waters flowing in a
stone canal. The inner core of pyramids and temples were home
to the elite. Priests had exclusive access to certain sections
of the Temple complex, similar to the Egyptian’s Holy of Holies. The
artists’ depictions revealed a city plan similar in many
respects to the Temple of Karnac in Egypt, with pyramids,
monoliths and sacred lakes. I would sense connections through
out the day to Karnac, Easter Island and San Francisco Peaks

Kachina Man & the’Huacas’

was one display that depicted pictographs of small hump-backed
men that looked strikingly like the underground ‘Kachina’ man of Hopi
Indian lore, (said to live inside San Francisco Peaks
Volcano near Flagstaff, Arizona). The local indigenous people
call the underground men in Tiahuanaco legend ‘huacas’.

are elusive, mythical residents of the vast underground city
below Tiahuanaco. Local legends speak of sightings of small men,
usually crouched or hunchbacked in postures that appear
throughout the Temple complex of Tiahuanaco. Small relic
carvings of the huacas are sold on the grounds by the
indigenous artisans.

When asked, the artisans explain that these
men are caretakers of the tunnels. Miners, and excavators,
and are included in folklore for millennia. The lore of
subterranean cities, tunnels and wispy gnomish caretakers is
backed by adamant eye witness accounts among the residents of
Tiajuanaco. Edalio claimed that he heard stories of elders allowed
to enter the subterranean passageways years ago, although he had
not met anyone who had, nor had he heard these stories first
hand. They may be just ‘stories’, he admitted humbly. But the
stories claim that massive hidden doors to the tunnels open
from the sunken temple floor when those pure in heart ‘sing
the sacred songs of the Gods’.

Major Energy Points:

As I left the museum and entered the fenced grounds of the ancient city, I felt a unique, layered stratification

energies, similar to the ‘zipped space’ phenomena I have felt
in other power points of multi dimensional grid overlays.
are four major energy points within Tiajuanaco itself. These are
the Akapana Pyramid, the Sungate, the sunken temple and the entrance
to the Kalasasaya temple.

I became very aware of
energy emanations from the Akapana Pyramid almost immediately
as I entered the gated grounds. I stopped to realign my
energy. I looked around to fully survey the ruins.

The actual
site is on level ground, with a visible ridge line in three
directions. The terrain is grassy tundra, with a few trees scattered
about, growing at wind swept angles. Parts of monoliths,
block-carved stones, and statues dotted the grounds, where
cataloging and archaeological digs are ongoing.

It is
important to understand that Tiajuanaco was really only discovered
in the early 1900’s and was largely undeveloped and still covered
in mud and silt until the 1960’s. Much of its complex,
including the Puma Pyramid, is still buried in earth. In its
prime it was a regal, flowing Atlantean-Egyptionesque
energetic complex of earth, water and light.

Directional Orientation:

largest terraced step pyramid of the city, the Akapana, is aligned
perfectly with the cardinal directions, facing east for the
sunrise. It is energetically paired with another pyramid,
called the ‘Puma Panku’, also aligned directionally and
facing east. There is a clockwise energy pattern flowing in
ovaline vortex motion that forms an effective magnetic
membrane around the inner core of Tiajuanaco. The flow contains the
major energy points. Tiajuanaco is in essence a solar/ telluric
battery. The complex design uses natural energies to generate
and amplify a light-and magnetic pattern via the
architectural and landscaped template. It utilizes the basic
mechanics employed at stone circles such as Stonehenge and
Avebury and progresses them a step further by employing solar energies
and sacred geometric energies as in the pyramidal structures.
By placing such a complex on a natural telluric vortex and
grid point, the force is amplified and utilized to anchor a
portal of immense proportion.

The core of the template was
surrounded by a carefully constructed stone canal, flowing
and cascading waters from Lake Titicaca (which at that time
contained salinity).

The Akapana Pyramid:

The Akapana
Pyramid is the largest structure on the ruins. It has seven
terraces rising to 70 feet. , and is just under 700 feet in length on
its longest wall. The pyramid terraces are quite impressive,
and similar in appearance to those at Machu Pichu. The
construction was done without mortar and thestones are
perfectly fitted. They have an interesting glazed’ appearance
in places, a characteristic common to many pre Colombian and
Incan ruins. The summit floor, according to author Helmut
Zettl’Tiajuanaco and the Deluge’, was embedded with copper
ore. (Which I believe was to enhance amplification of
electric and magnetic energies.) A sunken court, perhaps for
meditation or preserved as a sacred pool, crowned the center
summit. I found the energy around the sunken court the most
potent. The energy seems to circulate upward in a spiral around the
perimeter of Akapana creating a sort of cone peak apex. It seemed
to reenter the center of the pyramid at the sunken court on
the summit. The pattern repeated itself in a cycle. Each of
the major points had there own concentric circulating pattern
within the ovaline vortex of the complex.

The energy
pattern was fascinating. It seemed similar to Avebury Stone
Circle in England, in the sense that there is a weaving of energetic
strands. The structures seemed to be able to generate pristine
telluric and solar energies, and then isolate, circulate,
amplify, and weave them into amazing blends and patterns.

second massive pyramid duplicating Akapana, Puma Punku, was built
in the energy flow sequence. It represents the feminine energies
to balance the male of Akapana.

The Kalasasaya Temple
complex is to the northeast of Akapana. It is raised, and
appears like a massive, walled football field. It is 130
meters by 120 meters, and is raised about 3 meters from ground level.

Subterranean Temple is located next to the Akapana, just south
of Kalasasaya. The axis of this entire complex is aligned to the
east/west the sunrise and sunset.

uma Pyramid:

female Pyramid, Puma Punka) is still in a state of excavation. Yet
the energy flows between the two are still very potent. The
purpose of this structure is a counter balance amplifier, a
twin platform mound coupled with Akapana.

The placement
the mounds do suggest they were used for ceremonial purposes
at different timings of the solar calendar, and of the day. Sun, moon
and elemental worship is very prominent in Andean
spirituality. The Puma Pyramid would also have had a lunar
utilization ceremonially, the Akapana a solar….female-male,

Per researcher and author, Helmut Zettl, the granite
monoliths atop Akapana direct compass needles away from
magnetic north toward the west directly to Puma Punku.
Another point of interest is that the stone structures and
temples of Puma Punku were connected with metallic clamps.

Gateway of the Sun:

in a rectangular fashion, the massive 10-ton ‘Gateway of the
Sun’ is carved from a single block of granite. Its upper portion is
deeply carved with beautiful and intricate designs, including a
human figure, condors, elephants and some geometric symbols.
Directly in the center of the gate is the so-called
"Sun-god," Viroacocha. The placement of the carvings seems to
align with astronomical precision the course of the Annual
Solar Cycle. European researcher and author, Dr Posnansky,
author of ‘Tiahuanaco, the Cradle of American Man’ used this
alignment and that of the Subterranean Temple to help defend the
15,000 BC time line.

The Sun Gate stands in the northwest
corner of the Kalasasaya complex. It emits a very special
vibration, especially powerful when the sun is angled in mid
morning and mid afternoon. The alignment of the ‘Sungate’
with the rising and setting sun plays a key vibrational frequency role
in the opening of the dimensional ‘underworld’, which is
pivoted below Tiahuanaco.

Scaling the Top:

Akapana Pyramid is the first structure one passes after entering
the fenced perimeter. I felt two tangible walls of energy as I
entered. The first was the line of the circulating inner
vortex, which has a diameter of about 1000 meters, the second
was the inner spinning vortex surrounding the Akapana.

silence pervaded the area, despite the fact that some four
or five dozen visitors were combing the large grounds. I noticed
suddenly that all noise seemed very muffled. I seemed to be in an
area of almost total silence. Voices from one hundred meters
back at the entrance were being carried with amplified echoes
from the area of the pyramids and sun gate, were totally
inaudible here as I reached the base of the pyramid.

silence had a low-pitched ‘white’ hum. The hum was felt more
than heard, and had a tranquilizing quality. A telltale effect I often
experience within the core of multi dimensional portals.

struggled for breath as I climbed the steep sides of the large
central pyramid. The pyramid had seven distinct levels and a flat
terraced summit. Each seemed to have a unique frequency that
flowed in circulating energy belts. These increased in
frequency as I approached the flat summit. The summit was a
cornucopia of light, electrical energy. The pattern around it
is clockwise and it spirals to the summit, re-enters in a
sunken temple and exits along a subterranean canal to the Puma
Pyramid to the west.

I found an inviting space strewn with
double piled pieces of cut limestone that had once been part
of the retaining wall overlooking the sunken temple and
sacred pool atop the pyramid. I sat on an interesting
trapezoidal shaped block, with another block tidily stacked sideways
to allow me a perfect back rest.

As I sat, my head begin
to swim. The elevation was certainly taxing, and effecting my
perceptions. Light sparkles were everywhere as I breathed
deeply after the steep climb. Energy swirled through me. I felt tired,
detached but also fully focused.

The sun warmed my
face. I closed my eyes to face the warm sunlight. Looking
into the sun, with eyes closed a kaleidoscope of geometric shapes
and colors danced visually in front of me. The shapes were
rectangular that formed in to eight pointed stars.
Effectively forming a ‘Star of David’ style formation, except
using two squares instead of two triangles. I found this
quite interesting & perhaps significant. I wondered if
this amazing array was symbolic of the energy of place. The
eight-pointed star seemed to represent the area geometrically
for me. The synergy of elevation (lack of oxygen at 13,500
feet), the energy of the pyramid, and the
combined in a very potent fashion. This was a Sungate, a
pristine masculine energy portal.

I required a few moments to
adjust. I regained my ballast after a few minutes, and my
breathing stabilized. Aspects of the effects lingered as I
drifted into a deep state. I sincerely feel this enhanced access
to altered states was the result of a synergy of the elevation and
the pyramidal grid-vortex of this sacred space. There was
little to no veil. I was in a multi dimensional vacuum. This
was a higher form of lucid dream state, and a very active
one, yet cognizant retention of what occurred in this state
seemed somewhat more difficult. I felt I was traveling back
in time. I could have fallen into a sleep very easily….but
fought the impulse. I knew intuitively this was a different dimensional
experience and I worked at keeping aware, as I tried to
navigate within this unique dimensional frequency. I had a
series of flashing sensory images of what the area to looked
like in the days of Atlantis, and an awareness of the vast
expanses of space that were zipped into this concentrated

Clockwise :

I ambled slowly, still
feeling quite lofty, to the edge of the Pyramids summit, and
sensed the energy points of the Kalasasaya Temple and the
Sungate, both of which are on the Kalasasaya Mound (which is the size
of two football fields). I walked to the Sungate, which was my
first stop in flowing with the clockwise pattern from the
pyramids. After arriving at the Sungate I felt compelled to
circle it seven times. Interestingly, I recalled the Kryon
once saying that the great Titicaca vortex was the
counterbalance to Sedona. Vortex patterns north of the equator tend
to flow counterclockwise, and south of the equator clockwise. I
felt compelled to walk in a clockwise circle around the
heralded ancient Sungate and Temples.

I found an area
to sit and meditate, facing east. I visualized energy
connections between Tiahuanaco and several global sacred sites.
I then sat for a pre arranged 3-3-3 grid mediation, coordinated with
several friends. The experience was powerful for me. I placed
several special stones and quartz points around the Sungate,
and would do the same at the sunken temple.

The Sunken Temple:

last hour was spent in the incredible Sunken Temple. The energy
within this subterranean complex was very unique. It was here that I
sensed the greatest dimensional focus and the inward fulcrum
of the heliocentric labyrinth. There seemed to be a
dimensional gate overlap that allowed the inner and outer
worlds to co-exist and transport.

To enter one goes down a series
of steps to a depth of about ten feet. It literally feels
like entering another world, not unlike the feel of the lower
chamber at Roslyn. The amazingly intricate granite walls
around it are adorned with stone carved guardian ‘heads; and seem
to lock in the energy. In its center is a tall well preserved
statue aligned perfectly with the Pyramid and Kalasasaya
Temples. This was absolutely the epi-center. I sat in a
timeless bubble for a long time. I watched ‘energies
circulate and swirl’ inward with great detachment. I
meditated and went again through the geometric swirl into a deep state.
I opened my eyes in what felt like about an hour. I was
surprised to find only 15 minutes had passed, and again I
experienced the strange sensation of having been in another
dimension for a long period, but was unable to retract memory
of what had occurred. Like waking from an intense vivid
dream, and losing recall in dimensional drift the instant of


As the sun began to drop below the
ridgeline of the Andes, the sky became a Van Gogh of stark
gold and orange that the slowly absorbed into the velvety
blue of night sky. A deep emotion of melancholy fell over me,
and I felt a tremendous connection to this place. I glanced
to the north, and saw a small red eagle flying toward the great lake.
Soon I would join him. I stood up slowly, and headed back to
the entrance. I said my goodbyes for the evening to
Tiahuanaco flowing of emotions. I felt a mixture of joy and
sadness that would stay with me through out my time in
Bolivia, experiencing both sides of the emotional coin at

The time I spent here at Tiahuanaco had taken on an unreal
quality, it felt like days, but in truth was only a few
hours. I knew I had just touched the tip of an iceberg. There
was far more beneath the surface …much more .

Article Written By – J Tyberonn

Archangel : ‘Tiajuancaco – Lost City of Ancient OG’

Beloved! And so the channel finds himself again in the
very interesting area of the Lake Titcaca vortex. In the
land, once called OG. It is if he is drawn here, you see
because many of his lives were spent here in this region.
Particularly those immediately after the fall of Atlantis,
before his sojourns in Egypt. Thus the feelings of sadness,
you see, particularly in the area you call Tiahuanco, for it was
immediately after Atlantis, where the channel began the
current cycle of physicality.

As Tyberonn, the channel was not
Atlantean. In that time you must know that you were not of
the earth. We tell you that many in the first phase of
Atlantis were of extra terrestrial origin, and their
beingness was manifested into full consciousness, sometimes
in full physicality, sometimes not. These beings had the ability to
come and go in that way, you see. The channel found such great
interest then, as he does now with all that is relative to
the dimension and grids. Tyberonn in those long series of
life manifestation was in many many scientific aspects of
the ley systems, crystalline energy systems, and even was
consulted in the design of the Pyramids of Giza. But not
truly as man, in current form, rather as manifested consciousness.
Tyberonn carried an understanding for interpreting the energetic
system, as an information keeper, and in making this
knowledge useful to the Atlanteans. You see Tyberonn spent
great periods of time in etheric non-physical state in
order to have the direct knowledge of the Mastery.

In the third
phase of Atlantis, Tyberonn became more and more drawn to
the experience and chose a selective form of what we will
term physical birth once the physical rejuvenation technology achieved
a level that allowed very long lifetimes. In the process of
physical birth incarnation, much had to be relearned each
time. Then as now much is hidden by overlay in each new
incarnation, and must be relearned by seeking. But through
prearrangement, we will say, Tyberonn was recognized by
those adepts that were still in physical body, much as is
done in Tibet even now, and his exact time and place of birth
was known, and he was given special training from an early age to
allow for the remembering to achieve the purpose of his chosen
physical life. The technologies were available for greatly
renewing the physical body and allowing for long physical
lifetimes, some of which exceeded 1000 years in your
current measurement.

So in time, Tyberonn became captive to that
grid and in some ways became captive to the earth. He was
called upon to experience physically what he need not have
experienced physically.

After the fall of Atlantis, the channel
found himself in the Atlantean colony near Tiajuanco. In
that lifetime he became aware of what had happened and knew
no way back home other than to align himself with the
highest peoples, the highest points that he could discover
upon the earth and thereby accept and experience full cycle
of reincarnation. And that is how you became aligned with this place
and with this land and these people. But we will add that as
Tyberonn in Atlantis you visited OG, Yucatan and Egypt many
times in scientific endeavor.

You see Tyberonn, your
root soul, is now as then an ascended Master of Light of
Pleiadean origin, yet when the decision was made to
manifest into physical life cycle, in physical body, your true
identity and true nature are hidden from you, somewhat. So as with
all humans who become ingrained deeply in reincarnational
pattern, he became somewhat separated from the source
Tyberonn, his incarnations became slowly less aware of that
root essence. You see after Atlantis, humanity fell
greatly in terms of knowledge and technology standards.

You had a
series of lifetimes in Tiajuanco. At first you were
disoriented and wandered a bit as if lost, sensing the recent cataclysm,
as did many souls after the fall. Many were initially
confused as they discovered the lifetimes of the earth were
much shorter than had been expereinced in Atlantis.

still remained pockets of learning and awareness, here and
there, especially in the Andes, Yucatan and in Egypt, and you
were drawn to these academics. At that time your name was Calnae Ra.
In OG, you were what one would consider a
geo-vulcanologist. You learned how to utilize such
energies, and were among those who participated in the
sonic lifting of stone blocks, by manifesting them in higher
dimensions and stepping them down into physicality. Thus the Pyramids
of Tiajuanco would naturally feel very familiar to you, and
you would also sense a strange sadness according to that
sojourn amongst the ‘lost people’ after Atlantis.

we are asked to speak of the energy of Tiajuanco.. Tiajuanaco
became populated as a LeMurian colony in the land called OG, and
eventually became Atlantean, after the demise of Mu. It was
one of the major colonial centers of civilization during
the final Atlantean periods, although much of OG was
devastated by the Atlantean tsunami. Only those regions of
elevation above 6000 feet survived relatively intact. But
it was here that other beings, an extra terrestrial race, participating
upon the Earth, temporarily assisting and sharing
themselves and departing after that. This race of beings
interacted with the Lemurians, Atlanteans in Tiahuanco and
the Egyptians, in order to assist for a period after the
demise of both.

The energy harmonic of this ancient place is very
complex and aspects of its energetic structure
functionally occur in several dimensions beyond the three.
This is the phenomenon the channel refers to as ‘zipped’
space; a condensed and concentric folding of the various
dimensional grid fibers. This enhances the ability to co exist within
several realms of dimensionality at once. It is similar to
what many call passing thought the veil, yet that is not a
totally accurate description .It is more akin to entering a
hologram of 5 dimensions in which all are experienced at
once, without actually leaving the dimensionality in which
you normally function, therefore there is not a ‘passing
through’, but an overlapping coexistence of dimensional
membranes. This happens in many areas of concentrated energies.

Tiahuanaco are vast chambers and geometrical inserts
(holgrams) under the earth that are connected by intricate tunnels
systems to many other grid points and sacred sites. These
include the areas of Machu Picchu, Egypt, the Glastonbury
Tor, Easter Island and San Francisco Peaks in Arizona. The
great subterranean labyrinth of what is termed fourth
dimensional leys connects all of which.

Directly below the
entrance is a vast, spacious underground temple, as large
as a small city. A magnificent temple still exists there,
there is an inverted pyramid that corresponds to the Akapana
Pyramid above. This completes an energy pattern of the
octahedron.Entrance to the vast subterranean chambers is
achieved through obtaining a vibration of high frequency.
Few souls in biology have the ability to achieve this
entry. There are few in biology on the planet that retain
this ability and knowledge, although that number is beginning
to increase. As we have told you, there are thousands of crystal
harmonic children on the planet now who have the potential
to achieve this frequency.

These subterranean
gateways contain energetic amplifiers and refineries that
were once used both in the subterranean and atmospheric
levels of the planet. And among other uses, projected an energetic
field that was connected to the earth’s magnetic core. This
field is still somewhat projected, but with far less scope
and utility. This is an energy operated through what you
term the gravity grid. These are still maintained somewhat
by extra terrestrials, particularly those of Syrius B.
Primarily for a revamping of portions of the fourth
dimensional ley system.

It is also the same energy that was
‘tapped’ sonically for the anti-gravity aspect used by the
post LeMurian and post Atlantean adepts of this area, for
the lifting in place of the enormous stone blocks for the
precision engineering and construction of the Pre Incan and
Incan Temples in this region of ancient Og and as well with the
Mayans civilizations of Mexico. Scientist- Priests who were very
advanced in their technical knowledge of frequencies,
telluric and light energies, held the knowledge. The
priest-scientist in those times, before the deluge, and for
a period afterward, were trained for intense periods of
about 20 years, both in scientific and mental development, thus
to combine the science with the psychic or spiritual aspects of
living energy.

A process involving a correlation of
energies received by solar and cosmic rays, amplified at
certain refraction angles with crystals & frequential
thought created sonic light projections of antimatter and

A different application of frequencial technology
was utilized to open and operate the harmonic byways of the
labyrinth leys. Again with the integral wisdom of
spiritual science. Great ceremonies were held as a method
of fine-tuning this energetic network. Like the ley
systems, this energetic labyrinth is but a remnant of its Atlantean

Many pyramids were once connected to this
labyrinth network, and were used as multidimensional
wormholes in the fabric of the planetary and universal
grids. Many natural power sites were incorporated into this
vast network. These leyways were initially developed in the third
Atlantean period from about 28,000 BC and functioned with great
enhancement, utilizing extra terrestrial technology, until
the demise of Atlantis and for a short period afterward.
The tunnels were laid in many instances, but not all, along
existing leyline paths utilizing a hyper dimensional
technology. They leys were amplified and used for travel, communication
and energy grid relay. The tunnels likewise were used to
connect underground chambers, and in some circumstances,
for .

Some of the subterranean chambers held the functions
of receiving, storing, amplifying and projecting certain
refined energies that were aligned with the earth’s molten
core. These were for many uses, including planetary balance
and for pooling & concentrating certain forces of
energy for use in projecting fields. The projection process is
similar in nature to the nozzled jet stream effect, or hydro jacuzzi
force as you term it, although the energy was of a
electromagnetic nature, and contained in a sophisticated
refined matrix of opposing electromagnetic fields. This
process utilized science and knowledge of planetary and
universal energies such as mineralogy, tectonics and
astrological gravities.

Some of the subterranean chambers were
inhabited by man. These evolved into what we will term
fourth dimensional beings.

The chambers below Tiahuanco, and
Yucatan resonate to specific frequencies of light and
sound. These resonances could enhance human consciousness
not unlike the chambers of cathedrals, but on an enormous
scale, hyper dimensionally. The refined energy accumulations
were incredibly potent, and capable of being converted into many
utilities. It could be brought closer to the surface of the
world at places like Tiahuanaco for the purpose of group
experience and individual participation. People are still
drawn to these sites in the act of receiving from the
living Earth, for indeed the energy is easily accessible to the
former residents of OG, and of the science-priesthood, or Atla-Ra.

area may be termed the 12th Gate, for still beneath the
waters of nearby Titikaka exist the 12th Sun Disc, and it is currently
being reactivated along with the two Master Atlantean
Crystals that the channel and many others relocated in the
final catastrophic shaking of Atlantis as it sank in sad
demise. I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I share with you
these Truths. You are ever-Beloved." … And so it is.

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