Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Healing is the purpose of every lifetime, until healing is complete.
Then you are free to live your lives through creation, instead of your
destiny. But you are so focused on healing that you do not know how to
proceed. What do you do when your healing purpose is fulfilled? While
there is always some aspect of to transform, healing as a focus
removes joy from your lives. You forget to live, to be in joy because
you feel that there is a reward that comes when the healing is
completed. Yet the joy you seek is there for you on each step of your

The atonement you wish to create comes from your belief in your
disconnection from Source, where you feel you must heal the world as you
heal yourselves. While the atonement and reconnection process has been
very slow, the disconnection process was sudden and instantaneous. Just
as a child is suddenly thrust into the world at birth and separated from
the mother, that is how you were separated from Source. As you complete
each lifetime you come closer to being able to fulfill your dream of
returning Home.

You believe that healing will bring you back Home and so many of you
miss that energy now more than you ever have. The more the is
lifted, the easier it is for you to recall your spiritual connections.
Your longing to go Home creates a need to complete your healing mission
now, to heal yourselves and humanity, so you can be finished. But you
are not going Home, you are creating energetic openings for the
to happen on Earth. And your focus on healing is preventing
you from creating joy in your life.

As healers you have come to heal the world of its pain but you have
also come to show the world joy, love and peace. See the world as
healed, as being open and ready for love, its energy transformed and
ascension occurring. Find time for joy, laughter, to marvel at the
wonder and beauty of the planet because these are all part of your
healing journey. Humanity’s healing also includes knowing vibrations
beyond fear and you can teach this by bringing these energies into your
lives. You are the healers and the way-showers, so show the world the
way to joy by learning to en-joy yourselves and incorporate lighter
energies in your healing work.

Shared with Joy, Love & Peace
Jess x

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