Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer’s note: I asked for this channel today because several of my
friends are facing very sad life issues. I cannot do anything for them,
other than to send them prayers, love and light. I feel helpless and
sad, even though I know that all is in . My question to
Uriel was why did this happen and why do I feel so helpless. This is his

Your desire to help others is part of your commitment to be of
service to all of humanity at this time. Do not confuse helping humanity
with alleviating its suffering. You can reveal alternatives that will
present new potentials for understanding and action but even with the
vibrational shifts, new energies, ascension and transformation, karma is
still at work and soul contracts are being fulfilled. See beyond
emotional consequences to the spiritual fulfillment that is being
created . Many contracts involve separation, final resolution and
choices that are made without consideration of others’ pain or

You are only seeing the pain and sadness of others, not the full
scope of their experience. This is a lifetime experience that represents
the completion of energies gathered over within a soul
group. Each one chooses the most powerful path they can connect with and
although their choices may seem weak and powerless to you, in reality
they represent their decision to release energies in ways that make them
feel powerful.

Every journey has a happy ending, although how that transpires is not
always a joyful occasion for all involved. Many souls are now able to
choose outcomes they have never been able to manifest before, and that
includes how and when they will end their human cycle. For some this
will be to work from the , rather than continuing their
path in a human form. For others this will be to experience humanity
without spiritual partnership. All of these choices represent a chosen
path of experience in this lifetime.

Your help cannot be in the form of altering someone’s path, releasing
them from the results of their choices, or removing pain from their
lives. You can send love and light, see everyone in their most powerful
aspects and know that all are choosing from their believed point of
power. Allow everyone to fulfill their chosen destiny and release their
karma. Remember that all is in divine order and stay connected with
spirit, for this is where you will find the peace and understanding you
need in these times.

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