Message from the Archangel Michael

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Telepathic Transmission 12 August 2010

Remaining still is a balancing act for dealing with the ever present
emotional surges that are taking place right now. These emotional
surges are happening as your inner being realigns with your cellular
structure and then the love-vibration flows through your new hardware
and all the blocks to love; particularly SELF-LOVE get busted open!
{Smile! We like this part!}
Okay, my beloved ones, but let’s talk about what it feels like to you, remembering that it’s all good…
Waves of emotions then flow through you—huge tidal waves, washing out
all in their path, feeling nearly destructive in amplitude, for they
are, indeed, intending and focused upon clearing all away that is of the
old world.

For you see, the time is approaching when dwelling in the new, higher
vibration field, will be an option for many of you most of the time.
And then the focus will shift to creation. What and how you’d like to
feel and experience, and the collective energetic and telepathic
exchanges with others in the field and with other aspects of you as this
cross pollination occurs and massive massive massive new life is
Awaken now from your dreams which in any way tie you to the old
paradigms. Cut yourself off from television, from “news” from
situations and relationships which are immersed in the old paradigms as
they appear clearly in this mode to you and you will have greater ease.
You are now increasingly sensitive to that which aims to control your
frequency, to control you in general. To get you to take care of it, to
pay attention to it, to mute you, to disengage you at all from your
amazingly interesting and expansive and expanding inner world!
Increasingly you at last see that YOUR LIFE IS UNBELIEVABLY
FASCINATING!! And anyone who does not share your ideals and your values
feels empty and irritating to you! This much we know: you cannot
elevate your vibration and not notice these amazing discrepancies
between you and much of the world which still thinks the way to solve
problems is to complain about them or talk about them! Which still
thinks that you should take seriously what is outside of yourself rather
than orienting within and continually refining your manifestation
techniques and knowing you create your entire experience! Which
actually doesn’t realize that this amazing collective shift in
consciousness is the only game in town that you want to pay attention
to, get good at or talk about!
The collective of the new earth is emerging! There has been a
coalescing lately and an awakening of mirrored structures on the planet,
which is the foundations of the New Earth structures. Although the
awareness that these structures—social and ideological—are new and feel
wonderful, the full awareness of what they do indeed mirror and how they
fit into the galactic scheme of things, is still coming into awareness
for most and this is perfect! The point now is this: know that all that
happens within you is happening perfectly and for a reason and go very
easily on yourselves as these intense intense intense feelings and
emotions surface to be released in this ongoing upgrade of galactic
importance takes place within your vessels.
Beyond this time there is no point in asking what else is there for you
to do, for you ARE it; the orientation and focus upon Unity
Consciousness and BE-ing Love is activated within your body and
expanding the focus of your cells to the Omni-versal impulses of light
that impulse all to create in harmonic balance and arrangements.
You are now divinely inspired completely and although much flows through
you which is challenging to navigate emotionally, bring yourselves back
into balance by knowing that it IS, simply, energy and as such can be
gathered and used as you find your focus returning to a clear and
grounded state. Then choose well and let all that you have received
flow into new templates that are aligned with your designs and desires
for experience!
This is the way of the new earth—choose and release. Expect and be as
you intend. THIS is how to create worlds! With ease and grace! Deftly
knowing your own capabilities! Wow! Do you feel the amazing joy of
all this? Then the question of HOW shifts to “How might I make this
more interesting? More beautiful? More expansive? How might I
harmonize and bring my voice into this composition in a way that adds
beautifully to the mix?”
My beloved ones, I invited you before but for those who are still on the
fence, I remind you again: relief will come in letting go of anything
not aligned with your ideals.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to live in the way of straddling
both worlds—the old and the new. Why are you trying so hard to keep
those in the old world happy? Not all of you, but some of you? Do you
not see that you are so much more in service to all when you just live
your own dreams and impulses and know that they benefit All-That-Is
There is NO service to anyone in trying to bring them along before their
time, or in any way sacrificing your own good feelings to try and make
someone else happy and you will increasingly not be able to do this—it
is simply not loving to your own self and your energy will no longer
tolerate choices like this which demean your very soul—without you
noticing a backlash or sorts! The inaccurate notion that “helping”
someone else is more important than doing what is FUN FOR YOU NOW is
also an old paradigm and anytime you put it in play in the new earth
energies and within your continually elevating frequency, all kinds of
explosive things will happen as a result of the energy being focused
this way.
You having fun, and playing more is the thing that will make these
ridiculously strong incoming energies much more bearable. So whatever
silly things make you happy—give them more credit than ever and soak
them up.
Hedonism is truly a pathway you can trust and ironically, filled with
love. For you need to become deeply satisfied. You need to satisfy
yourself. You need to know that you can and will and how and what gives
you the most joy and this seeking is what drives the creation in your
life which will inspire and uplift many and pave the way for happiness
for others. It is this divine allegiance to your own hearts joy that
makes for the true opening to healthy collaboration and cooperation.
Each of you must find the way to raise your standards and make
yourselves profoundly happy! What is it that will give you this
experience? What kinds of feelings and situations create a thriving
YOU! These are your initial guideposts—follow along the path they
create and discover the new, radiant, totally abundant, deeply loved and
allowing YOU!
Do not be impatient or doubt that they will manifest! The Earth is at a
pitch and your energy is connected to the unified field and all kinds
of alignments are occurring moment to moment as energies enter, are
allowed, are resisted, as intentions are made, focus is given. Trust
the Universe to deliver and rest easy.
It is time to remove your focus from anything not aligned with your
highest ideals for your experience. You have realized that much within
the old paradigm was created from a different set of ideals and an
understanding of the Universe and the Omni-verse and the nature of
reality Et cetera, Et cetera that was limited and limiting. Okay.
You see? That’s how easy it is to shift you into happiness. Look
toward and choose what is next. We love how Abraham-Hicks says, “What
feels good next?” It’s the perfect question all the time. Learn to
give your allegiance to YOUR OWN ANSWERS to this question and let
everything else go, and certainly anyone who doesn’t like you following
your own answers to this question is living from the old paradigm and
you can likewise ignore them. They can figure that out for themselves,
and if they do indeed see a benefit in doing so, you can be confident
that they will make whatever adjustments they need to meet their own
inner needs and urges.
Lightworkers. Remember it is not your thing to change others. Just to
live as light, play with light, create with light. The transmuting of
energy is a thing of the distant past and the leading edge is a creative
one, and it is where you are. So now, here and now, stretch yourselves
up and feel the expansiveness of your being.
Feel the righteous strength of your own desire in guiding you to peace,
ease and joy. When the incoming energy and the clearing nearly knocks
out your vessel, then take it to the shop—get a massage, take a bath,
drink lots of clean clear water and sleep sleep sleep and then nap some
more. And once again, when you’re feeling more grounded, embrace your
new, multidimensional nature and create.

This is the rhythm of the times. Find your groove!

I AM the Archangel Michael, and I’ve got my groove on. I know my
favorite songs. Find the song which makes you dance and play it over
and over and never mind if other people get sick of it or don’t even
like it. Put your headphones on and dance to your own song. Find YOUR